Rewatching and Analyzing MCU Movies: Avengers: Age of Ultron

Welcome back to another part in our MCU series. Today, we take a look at the next Avengers movie in the MCU, Avengers: Age of Ultron. This was a movie that ranked low in the pre-watch ranking due to its lack of memorable moments and overall mood. However, let’s see if it is any better the second time around.

Avengers: Age Of Ultron Rewatch

The Good

Hammer Scene(s)

One of the few memorable moments in this movie was the Mj√∂lnir lifting scene. In Age Of Ultron, The Avengers don’t believe that the only one who can lift the hammer is that who is “worthy”. This leads to a fun montage where they all take turns trying to lift it. This was one of the really funny and cool parts of the movie.

It also shows Captain America wiggle it a bit, to see Thor’s scared reaction. However, he ultimately ends up not being able to lift it. This makes a scene in a later movie just that much better, but we will get there eventually.

As well, it leads to a moment where Vision lifts Thor’s hammer and it is all that is needed to convince Thor whose side he is on. This was awesome to see and really helped understand that Vision was indeed someone who could be trusted.

Farm Scene

This one has some ups and downs but will be counted as an overall up. The time where the Avengers are at Hawkeyes farm was mostly solid. Not only for building more development but also digging deeper into characters.

The dialogue between Stark and Rogers was once again great. As two Alpha’s have to learn to get along and work together once again. It also leads to a cool scene where Nick Fury makes an appearance. Yes, a somewhat unnecessary scene, however, still fun to see regardless.

The last thing it did a good job at was showing another side of Hawkeye. He is an incredibly forgettable character in the MCU but this was a good job giving him some background. It was refreshing to see them try and work on a minor character for a bit and also have it make sense. Having a completely different side that is a secret was a surprise and also nice to see.

Hulk vs Iron Man

The last positive in this movie would once again be the times the Avengers fight. Maybe not quite as cool as the first movie, however, still entertaining. Age of Ultron has a massive Iron Man vs Hulk fight that shows Iron Man break all kinds of armor out to try and beat the Hulk.

Not only does he have a massive Hulk fighting suit but he also has cages ready to try and contain the Hulk. Watching The Hulk break out of everything that was thrown at him was quite the sight to see. On top of that, it just adds on to show how much power The Hulk had. As well as how smart Tony Stark could be.

The Bad


The biggest flaw in Age of Ultron is Ultron himself. This usually isn’t a good sign for a movie when your basis and the main villain is a down in the movie. Ultron was a fine idea but the execution felt off. Trying to make him have a humourous side really took away from the character. Instead of getting this all-knowing robot that means to end the world, you get a snarky robot that has some missed jokes.

On top of that, the plan just always seemed weird. Yes, he wanted to be seen by everyone when destroying the world but the plan to make a whole city rise and crash seemed over the top. There were easier ways to accomplish what he wanted that weren’t so out of line.

Overall, Ultron just didn’t quite hit the mark. It felt like they tried to make him a little more like Loki at times and it didn’t work.

Humour and Mood

Unlike our last review, this movie scores negatively for the overall mood and humor. One of the best parts about the first Avengers was how they balanced jokes and seriousness. However, in this movie, it felt all over the place and lots of the jokes missed.

Cap’s “language” bit was supposed to be funnier then it came out. So when it came back three times in the movie it just felt less and less funny each time. Lots of things felt like this and it just took away from the overall movie.

Black Widow and Hulk

Not a ton to say on this other than it was a pretty weird combo and also a boring one. The love angle came out of absolutely nowhere and was hammered home. So much so that they put in a multi-minute scene talking about how they should have showered together.

It was just something that was never really entertaining and it once again took away from the movie. Going from a super-serious debate between two big characters to The Hulk and Black Widow flirting was just very unneeded.

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch scores low in this movie because of how little she was explained. Movies often have issues with super powerful characters not being overpowered, and find different ways to deal with it. However, in this movie, they deal with it by just not explaining her powers.

The whole mind thing was just weird. If the plan was to kill Tony for revenge she easily could have done that. Yes, it ends up all well because she and Quicksilver realize Ultron’s actual plan, but the rest just didn’t make sense.

Not explaining her powers at all also let them use her exactly how she was needed. Whether that would be to cure the Doctor of Mind Control or just go all out in the final battle. It all felt like lazy writing that really took away from a crucial character in the movie.


Overall, Avengers: Age of Ultron just didn’t live up to the hype of the first one. A fine movie to rewatch just because there are much better in the MCU. It does get a bump for the whole crew being there. Cap and Iron Man together always rocks and while Thor’s solo movies didn’t start well, he was great in Avengers movies.

The movie takes a real hit when it comes to some of the characters and their story arcs. As well as the overall tone of the movie from humor and bad guy perspective.

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