Patrick Mahomes Will Appear on Madden Video Game Cover

Patrick Mahomes has been playing video games for a long time. Now he will appear on Madden NFL 20 cover.

According to the Electronic Arts announcement, the Kansas City Chiefs’ NFL MVP will show up on the cover of “Madden NFL 20” on release date August 2. The news is announced before the start of first NFL draft round.

Mahomes said to Associated Press:

“It is awesome and definitely a full circle moment for me”.

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Patrick Mahomes Will Appear on Madden Video Game Cover

Mahomes had a very successful start of the season on the quarterback position. During the period of the first season, he recorded 5,097 yards and 50 touchdowns. It led the team successfully to AFG championship game which happened for the first time since 1993. Last season, Mahomes started with 77 rating but broke the record with a final 94 rating.

Electronic Arts came to Mahomes and asked him about appearing on the cover of the edition. The provider of the Magazine has also shared with Mahomes a lot of details about Face of the Franchise: QB1 feature in this year release. This feature will allow players to develop their personal quarterback and play a combination of College Football Playoffs, the NFL draft, and their professional career.

Mahomes added, “It has been great to be able to discuss my experiences going through everything, especially the draft process, and to see how that will develop in the game”.

Mahomes is a very talented player and he believes that games like Madden have become more interesting and realistic. It means that the same principles are applicable to reading the book and playing the most popular sport ever: football.

Players have emerged on Madden cover since 1999.  Mahomes will be another player who will appear on Madden cover, as player number eight in the history. Over the past three years, Mahomes had the opportunity to appear on the cover, while Tom Brady from the New England Patriots showed up two years ago.

Appearing on Madden cover has also been associated with stigma. Cover athletes were in a position to suffer from serious injuries in the first ten years after appearance. One of the players who suffered from injury was Rob Gronkowski in 2016. Another player, Antonio Brown, who moved from the Pittsburgh Steelers to the Oakland Raiders appeared on the cover last year.

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