Game Day Menu – Halloween Wing Fest

Halloween Wing Fest is bringing you some “Spook-tacular” wings to your Thursday night football tailgate party. We have three different wings offered up today that all keep in the spirit of Halloween. We have our Ghost Pepper Wings, Voodoo Wings, and finally Zombie Wings. All three wings will be a hit with your guests!

Halloween Wing Fest

It is Halloween and there’s NFL football on TV after the trick-or-treaters are gone. While the rest of the family is busy passing out candy, you will be creating hot wings. These three wing recipes will bring the heat on many levels so be careful to warn your wimpier guests. For them, you can also create wings that are un-sauced and only seasoned with Lawry’s Seasoning Salt if you choose. It goes against the Halloween theme but some people just cannot take the heat.

Ghost Pepper Wings

First up is our Ghost Pepper wings. They are simply our regular hot wings jacked up a few notches with added ghost pepper sauce. Prepare your wings based on our wing directions using a fryer or your grill. Using the recommended Frank’s Red Hot as your base, add in a few drops of ghost pepper hot sauce. One of the most popular ghost pepper sauces available is Dave’s Ghost Pepper Sauce which can be found at most retailers.

Begin with a small dose, sample, then add in more ghost pepper sauce until your mouth can’t take any more heat. You may want to create several batches of your ghost pepper wing sauce so your guests can choose their level of heat. Some may like it less spicy, and others may want it “what is wrong with you?” spicy. Either way, your guests can pick out their level of heat before you coat the wings.

Voodoo Wings

Voodoo Wings are another type of wing we are bringing you today. For this recipe, you will use the infamous Louisiana Brand Hot Sauce which is an institution in the hot sauce world. For more on this historic hot sauce we have this from

“The ORIGINAL ‘Louisiana’ Brand Hot Sauce™ has a long history of bringing quality aged peppers to food lovers everywhere. Since 1928 our Hot Sauce has built a reputation for quality and perfection by using only the best carefully selected aged peppers.” 

Most people are fans of Frank’s Hot sauce and do not often get ones with Louisiana Hot Sauce. The Louisiana Brand Hot Sauce will bring a kick to your hot wings that your guests will notice. It is perfect for Voodoo Wings!

Zombie Wings

Making Zombie Wings requires using a special BBQ sauce called Night Of The Living BBQ Sauce. This sauce is the product of Kansas City’s Cowtown Barbecue Products. This Cowtown product was discovered while in Kansas City this summer on our Road Trip To Kansas City. It was spotted on the shelves at Joe’s BBQ and was a must-have item immediately. It has been a huge hit since it was brought home!

Night Of The Living BBQ Sauce has incredible flavor and delicious spiciness. It is ideally used with any pork, beef, or chicken dish you create. However, using it as your wing sauce brings a whole new level to hot wings. It is sweet and spicy all at the same time. Your taste buds will at first say “wow this is sweet”, then the heat builds into a “holy $*^# that has some kick” as the wing is finished. If you would like to order it, it can be found at where you can have it shipped direct. You will not regret purchasing this incredible BBQ sauce!

Halloween Wing Fest Add-Ons

Serve your wings with the usual sides of either ranch or bleu cheese dressing. Carrots and celery also do well alongside hot wings. Finally, do not forget the wet wipes for your guests. Those are a must when serving saucy wings!

Game Day Menus Ahead

Every week up to the Super Bowl we will be bringing you more delicious menu ideas for your football parties. Next month is November which means a tasty Thanksgiving Game Day Menu ahead. Between now and then we will have many more ideas brought to you by lwos.LIFE, so get grilling!

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