Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Khandor Hideout Map Breakdown

As Call of Duty: Modern Warfare nears the end of its season two, they decided to release a new multiplayer map. Khandor Hideout is a 6v6 map for all the common modes. This map is a smaller and more chaotic map than some of the starting maps. However, it is not as crazy as other new maps that have been added. Let’s take a look at what Khandor Hideout is all about.

Modern Warfare New Map – Khandor Hideout

Map Struggles in Modern Warfare

So far, Modern Warfare hasn’t exactly been praised for its maps. The game wanted to try and rethink how your typical Call of Duty map plays. So, most of what they designed is meant for more open fights with multiple lanes to move around in. Not always the typical three-lane maps, some of them have hit or missed. Unfortunately, in making more than just three-lane maps, at times it feels like camping is rewarded in the game. Some maps have so many little corners that you can be shot from, it becomes very frustrating to play a run and gun style of play.

Added Maps

When it comes to their added maps, however, some of them have the opposite problem. Shipment is an absolute mess to play on. Yes, it is good to get challenges finished and level up quickly. However, it has some of the most broken spawns in recent memory. You can spawn right into bullets multiple lives in a row and have absolutely no chance. Rust is a lesser extent but can feel the same way at times. Rust is less crazy in that if you stay put, you can often survive more than two seconds. However, there are still times that the spawns breakdown and you spawn at the end of an enemy’s barrel.

They also added in Shoot House, Crash, and Vacant. Vacant is a solid map and easily one of the bigger ones they have added. In that map, there are not too many times you spawn and die straight away. Shoot House appears to be a fan favorite, as it finds a middle ground of chaotic but alright. At times the spawns mess up, however, for a very fast game style, it seems to fit the best. So, do these same issues still arrive in Khandor Hideout?

Map Breakdown

Let’s get to a quick breakdown of the map before describing how it actually plays. The map has roughly four main buildings, one two-story one in the middle of the map and one two-story on each spawn as well. The middle building is by far the largest, with multiple rooms on the level. As well, there is a side building to the north of the map that is simply two rooms and one floor. On the south side of the map, you have a giant electricity pole. This has a square platform that players can use as cover from some of the walls that are around it.

There is also a small hut near this electricity pole that you can get on top of to get a view of the big middle building’s upper window, along with some area in the spawn. Other than that, there are a few walls here and there but the rest of the map is pretty self-explanatory. The north-side is definitely the most guarded. With the small building, there also runs a wall along across it and another non-enterable building for some cover. The middle is wide open, leading it to be sniper heaven and somewhere people just stay out of if it is the start of a match or round. On the south side, we have a mix of open and close spaces. There is some open field you need to run through if you wish to get to cover. However, there are walls and buildings around to find cover too.

How it Plays

So far, Khandor Hideout has been a refreshing and enjoyable map to play in Modern Warfare. The 24/7 playlist they currently have out allows you to play game modes such as Domination, Kill Confirmed, Hardpoint, Headquarters, and Team Deathmatch. All of these have been relatively enjoyable providing a different playstyle for each.

The map plays is sort of like a three-lane map, however, it is different because of how many ways there are to enter the lanes. Yes, there are three main lanes, South, Middle, and North, but all of them have unique ways to enter. Things like walls and multiple building entrances mean that you’re not forced to simply feed into a sniper’s scope all the time. You can peak beside and over multiple walls. Along with also running in and out of buildings.

This map is certainly a higher place than most of the starting maps that Modern Warfare released. There is some camping on top of the houses but the multiple areas to be shot from means it is hard to really stay there. Personally, my biggest frustration with the game is that it tends to reward players who don’t challenge themselves. With so many corners it is easy for players to simply sit and wait until someone comes sprinting by. However, in this, there are so many areas to have gunfights that this tactic seems to be less effective.

There are a few hotspots that people can camp. On the north side, there is a dumpster that lets you peek over a wall, there are only two ways to get to that. So, people can sit at the bottom of it if wanted. However, I have found that a well-placed frag or C4 does the trick moving them relatively quickly.


So far, this is one of Modern Warfare’s strongest maps in my opinion. We will see if that changes as the map gets older and people play it more. However, it currently provides a somewhat unique playing experience to the game. On other Call of Duty maps, it may be ranked as more of an average map. However, given how poor some of the maps on this game is, it certainly has the potential to be near the top of the rankings.

One of the only weird quirks to look out for is in the middle building there is a glitch. It shows and open door you think you can run out of or people can run into, however, that is a technical glitch and it is actually just a wall. That will likely be fixed one way or the other within the week though.

Until next time, say save and enjoy the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare map! Let me know what you think either here or on Twitter!

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