Psychology of Video Games

The Psychology of Music and Sounds In Games

Have you ever noted that some of your favourite games always feature some background music? Some of these games will have some soundtracks created from scratch, while others are picked from recorded songs. You will also find some sounds on various games, depending on the outcome.

For instance, you will hear a cheering sound whenever you win or make a great move. There are also instances of sorrowful sounds when you make a bad move or lose.

What is the psychology behind all these sounds and music? What do we need all these background songs? What is the impact of music in gambling? These might be some of the questions on your mind right now. We had a fruitful session with our seasoned gamer Kevin (you can check his profile here), who enlightens us on how music affects video games and the role of music in gaming:

Types of sounds and music in video games

Underscore music

It is music or sound added to a scene to enhance or show the emotions that a player should be feeling. It is one of the most famous music types that you are likely to find in a typical Canadian online casino. Such music works on the subconscious level and brings out the story element of the game. Another aim of underscore music is to intensify a specific scene’s emotional content within the game.

A typical Canadian mobile casino will include games that come with underscore music. A good example of a video game that incorporates this concept is Red Dead Redemption (2010. In this game, we hear Ennio Morricone tunes as we follow the adventures in the American frontier. The tune then changes from scene to scene.

Source/ Diegetic music

This is defined as the music a character or player would hear if they were in the real game world itself. The first application of Source Music was in the movies. The implication is that when you see someone playing the guitar on TV, you will expect to hear the guitar’s sound.

The main aim of diegetic music is to enhance the players’ experience and increase the simulated world’s realism.

Player-Generated Music

It is a genre where the player creates/ develops the music dynamically while playing a certain game. An excellent example is PaRappa the Rapper (1996), where the player can direct the lead character to rap. It is a rhythm action game where the player will press the control rhythm in a certain order, which makes the lead character rap in real-time.

Why video games have music and sounds

Embrace moments

We always feel good when someone appreciates our efforts. We are always looking for someone who assures us that we can do better in whatever we set our minds to. Music and sounds in casinos are also meant to instill such feelings. You will thus find different types of sounds and music in a typical casino.

A sound or music that congratulates you when you win is the perfect thing to embrace your winning efforts. Thus, game developers choose music and sounds that bring out the perfect moment based on what you have achieved on the platform. You can thus decide to continue with your gaming or even quit depending on the nature of the gaming machine’s music or sound.

Set the mood right

Are there days you just feel down, and you do not know what can cheer you up? Maybe you have ever tried listening to music and get your moods up again. Music or the right sounds can also be the secret pill towards trying various casino games.

The choice of music will depend on the type of game that you are playing. For instance, an action game can have hip hop as background music. On the other hand, logic games can be accompanied by slow jams such as jazz or rhythm and blues. Such sounds or music make you imagine you being on the battlefield or even making great moves on the gambling platform.

You can now comfortably tell the power of video game music and how you are likely to respond when you come across such sounds. Game developers take their time when selecting such soundtracks to ensure that you get an experience like no other.



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