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The best board games for a group of friends

For gamblers, there are online casino site aggregators – with their help it is easier to choose a game to their liking, and it is much safer than just searching manually. There are many online casinos, both with a license in the United Kingdom and without it (non uk licensed casinos), so there is a wide choice. Well, for those who want to play something offline, but in the company of friends, board games are suitable – the best of them will be discussed further.


The game is designed for 3-6 people, the duration of the game is from an hour, it can take up to 5 hours.

Munchkin was created as a parody of the most famous role-playing board game – Dungeons & Dragons, but has acquired an independent value. The fact is that the rules of this game are an order of magnitude simpler, therefore, to join, it is enough to spend a little time studying the rules. In the game, you have to develop your hero and capture loot, while trying in every possible way to prevent other players from doing the same: after all, only one will be the winner – the one who first reaches the tenth level.

The basic rule is that everything is allowed that is not prohibited. Tricky moves and sneaky tricks? If there is nothing about them in the rules, any self-respecting munchkin must use them! Moreover, foul play is encouraged. This provides a lot of funny situations, and the frivolous tone of the game will keep the heat from getting too high.


3-4 players, the game lasts 1-2 hours.

The now classic game comes from Germany. Players in it take control of the colonists who have landed on an uninhabited island. The winner is the one with the most points: they are recruited for the construction of settlements and roads, as well as for the army. The gameplay consists of very simple actions: you need to roll dice, get resources, negotiate and build, while ensuring constant interaction between players.

Open military clashes are not provided, but to interact diplomatically and interfere with other people’s plans as much as possible. The most important thing is to occupy the best places on the map and block access to them for other players. But, even by seizing the initiative, it will not be easy to win, because everyone else often rallies against the leaders. Even the basic version is capable of captivating for a long time, but in addition there are many interesting additions: among them, one that allows you to play with a company of 5-6 people; transferring the game to the islands, which greatly changes everything – and others.

Game of thrones

3-6 players, the game lasts 2-4 hours.

The game is based on the popular fantasy, it takes you to the world of Westeros and invites you to become lords who have entered the struggle for power. It is very nicely designed and has simple, but rather voluminous rules – to master it, you need to spend an evening and play a couple of trial games, but then there will be no problems with this. You will also need a large table or a lot of free space on the floor – the Westeros map is quite large.

The game lasts 10 rounds, each of which is divided into three phases. In the first phase, players draw cards describing events that can affect any player. In the second, they give out secret orders to their units and engage in diplomacy: you can conclude non-aggression pacts, unite into alliances, and so on. In the third, the movement of troops and the battle between them takes place. The task of each participant is to seize as much land as possible and try not to turn everyone against him.


3 players or more, 30-60 minutes.

A very addicting game that does not require a long study of the rules and with short games. Each player receives 6 cards with images, which are most easily described as “strange”. One player must “guess”. He takes one of his cards, puts it face down, and describes the associations associated with it.

After that, the rest are looking among their own cards for the one that most matches the description, and they also spread them. Then the narrator shuffles all the cards, lays them face up, and everyone votes on which card was described. The Storyteller receives three points for each vote that is cast for his card, all players who voted correctly too. If someone voted for another card, its owner gets one point.

Everything is simple, but there are also important additions: the narrator needs not everyone to guess his card, because in this case he will not receive a single point, and all the others – two. If no one guesses, he will not get anything either, but two points will be deducted from the others. As a result, the task of the narrator is to make sure that the answer is not too simple, but it is desirable that someone still guess. As a result, board games are fun, develop creative thinking and allow you to better understand how your friends think.

There are many other interesting board games. The mechanics of some are similar to those already described: for example, in Everdell, you will also need to manage settlers, but only in a fairy forest – this does not mean that the game is so similar to Catan, its rules are very different, and it is also worth trying it. Saboteur is similar in mood to Munchkin: in it, players have to mine gold or harm others involved in this business, but at the same time it is very different in the very gameplay. In Wingspan, you need to attract as many rare birds as possible to your reserve – the game is interesting with an unusual concept and is very beautifully illustrated. There are still many interesting games, everything cannot be described, but for a start these will be enough.

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