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Horrorcore Hip Hop Album Recommendations for Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, we’re listing off the top horrorcore hip hop albums. If you have never heard of horrorcore, sometimes called, horror rap or death hip hop, it is a hip hop genre that builds off of hardcore hip hop. Horrorcore would include lyrics that are supernatural, violent, involve occult, gruesome, and gory.

The list below will describe and list the most essential horrorcore hip hop albums you need to know!


Top 5 Essential Horrorcore Hip Hop Top Albums

Visions of Bodies Being Burned – clipping.

And the further she learned to trust him, the merger of love and lust
And she serving it all up just ’cause he hold her when he would bust
‘Til nine months later with a stomach full of Devil baby
She startin’ to think it’s time to pump the brakeshorrorcore hip hop
But that train left the station with the Great Migration
Bloody tracks left right by the drain, say the name

6 Feet Deep – Gravediggaz

When I wreck, I commence to detect
Ready to dissect, so come step alive and diehorrorcore hip hop
Next murder is mayhem
Diggin’ graves is a regular
Treach-orous mangler
Tha Boston Strangler


Mystic Stylez – Three-6 Mafia

Mystic Styles in my head as I smoke on a blunt
Yo Crunchy Black da demons child has a mean ass stunhorrorcore hip hop
I had to buck you off, runnin’ yo mouth with that weak ass shit
You need to keep it closed trick before you get yo wig split
The candle light, the demon night is what it have to be
Another problem for tha folks on Unsolved Mysteries
Ya thought I was dead naw instead I just faked on yo ass
And now I’m back wit that mask and I’m ready to blast

I Lie Here Buried With My Rings and My Dresses – Backxwash

My demons have populations
Empty, alone, waitinghorrorcore hip hop
Everything that didn’t kill me
Set me adrift between
Run away, no destination
Greyhound station, release me abomination
Not again
My demons have populations

There Existed an Addiction to Blood – clipping.  

Into the night, let it swallow, eyes on the sparrow tomorrow
You know the marrow is hollow and light as airhorrorcore hip hop
And the call is out to the rest
And this model of effervescence when all of it manifested
They never bothered to question
While calling for the arrest and murder
Guess they never knew it was a test
To best assess the way to move in
And digest the flesh of every wicked human
‘Til the best and blackest blood is back to ruling


We’ll have more hip hop updates coming! Horrorcore hip hop recommendations can be found above!

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