Avril Lavigne's New Single "Bite Me"

Avril Lavigne Returns to Pop Punk Roots with “Bite Me”

Welcome back, Avril Lavigne! Those of us belonging to the zoomer and millennial generations will be proudly familiar with the greatness of early ’00s era Avril – the one which established chart dominance with hits such as “Complicated” and the immensely popular “Sk8er Boi” from her universally beloved “Let Go” (2002) album. With that album turning twenty (yes, twenty) years old next year, there is no better time than now for one of this century’s most prominent stars to return to her roots.

Avril Lavigne Returns to Pop Punk Roots with “Bite Me”

“Bite Me” is Proof that Avril Lavigne Never Let Go

For many, that early, initial era of Avril is a generation defining performer; her soft, pop punk vibe and alternative style in some ways acting as an archetype to the emo era, with the likes of My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy and Paramore, to name just three, each following as evolved, perfected forms of that early 2000s alt style, which largely acted as a follow-up to the ’90s grunge era. When Avril ditched the punk and went full on pop with hits such as “Girlfriend” and “Hello Kitty”, the aforementioned bands were the ones to take the torch from the Canadian star; grip it firmly and run with it – ensuring that a generation of punks, emos and all other kinds of alternative listeners were left with some great music to listen to.

Now, after a long hiatus, Avril is back to reclaim her crown as the Queen of millennial pop punk – her new song, “Bite Me”, is every bit an early Avril revival as it is a nostalgic throwback to a time long since passed. Acting as the first release from her upcoming studio album – her seventh and first since 2019’s “Head Above Water” – it needed to give good first impressions. Additionally, it is Avril’s first album since aligning with Travis Barker‘s studio “DTA Records” and, therefore, we can expect more pop punk styled songs to follow on this record.

Reviews, thus far, have been very positive – Rolling Stone sharing our view that “Bite Me” harks back to the “Let Go” era of Avril Lavigne. Like many great records – including her most famous of that era, “Sk8er Boi” – Bite Me is a song about breakup. Lyrics such as “Hey you, forever and ever you’re gonna wish I was your wifey” is symbolic of breakup and, most importantly, overcoming the pain (and trauma) breakup might bring. It is clearly a very well-timed throwback to yesteryear and we, for one, are happy to welcome her back to the pop punk fray.

From Spotify to Apple Music, as well as her own website, “Bite Me” is available to stream and purchase now.

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