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It’s Time for the Michael Bublé Christmas Album… Again

It has become a tradition for me, as someone who enjoys driving – through no choice of my own, as the family designated driver – to change the car CD (yes, we still use them) by the time of year. In the Summer, we might have the Moana soundtrack, such is our penchant for palm trees, sun and coconuts – worlds away from the gloomy, somber UK weather. Around Halloween time, we have a collection of spooky records to insert into the CD player. During the Christmas period, however, there is only one such record and sound which occupies the car: the Michael Bublé album titled “Christmas”. It is one which inspires the correct mood at Christmas, which is more than we can say for certain other Christmas albums and songs. Bah, humbug! Here’s why the Michael Bublé Christmas album is for you!

It’s Time for the Michael Bublé Christmas Album… Again

How Can You Not?

How can you not enjoy this album? If you are from a Christmas celebrating area of the world and yourself celebrate this yearly holiday, then there is no better choice. Michael Bublé is the quintessential 21st century Christmas crooner; his opening track on the record, “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas”, graciously and masterfully lures you into the Christmas mood with flawless vocals and an excellent backing track. The big band rendition of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” is a perfectly crafted throwback to a time when Christmas songs were sang by chainsmoking, Rat Packing crooners in some of the top US nightclubs of the 1950s and ’60s. Jingle Bells (featuring the Puppini Sisters) has that 1940s and 1950s sound which only The Bublé can muster in the world of smart phones and MacBooks. The entire album is one great, big tribute to a time gone by and in the spirit of Christmas, it is perfection.

Therefore, if you are – like myself – a designated driver looking to maintain something resembling a cheery Christmas demeanor (or just someone who enjoys listening to festive music at this time of year) without the self-imposed torture of some of the more well-renowned Christmas songs, and all you want for Christmas is to smile without thinking of a certain Mariah Carey song which you absolutely just sang in your head, then Michael Bublé’s Christmas is the perfect album for you. It very recently turned ten years old, but holds up as the quintessential Christmas album and one which, if you haven’t already, must absolutely buy. You can find it anywhere, whether on Spotify, on Amazon or in any second-hand record store. So, no excuses; get it and smile this Christmas.

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