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K-Pop Song Spotlight: “Moonlight” by TWICE

TWICE is back ONCE again, gearing up for a highly-anticipated World Tour in 2022 as well as releasing their third Korean studio album Formula of Love: O+T=<3 just this year to the delight of their ONCE. The K-Pop world was rocked by these K-Pop powerhouses back in October by their amazing first full English single from this album The Feels. Shortly thereafter, it was followed up by another single with a spectacular deep house and dance-pop vibe song called Scientist. But, on today’s “K-Pop Song Spotlight” we want to shine a light on the TWICE, ’80s inspired “bop” of a track called “Moonlight” from Formula of Love.

Twice is yet another full English song from the OT9 and it definitely deserves the limelight. And, that’s exactly what we’re doing. We’ll take a deep dive into the background and facts, lyrical themes, arrangement, and, the message this track possesses. Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

K-Pop Song Spotlight: “Moonlight” by TWICE

Background & Facts

TWICE’s third full-length Korean album Formula of Love: O+T=<3 was released on November 12th of 2021. Moonlight is the second track from the album. The track was teased on TWICE’s Instagram account on November 6, 2021, ahead of the album’s release. Even before the album’s release, it was already considered a major success. It garnered over 630,000 pre-order sales by November 8. Becoming TWICE’s most pre-ordered and best-selling album of all time before its release. The accolades do not stop there, as Formula of Love: O+T=<3 debuted at number one in Korea’s Gaon Album Charts making it TWICE’s tenth number one album on the chart.

Not only was it a Domestic success but it also gained recognition from all parts of the world as the album peaked at number three on the Billboard 200, making the album TWICE’s highest-charting album in the United States and Canada. The album was a commercial success and a critic darling of an output. Formula of Love: O+T=<3 was not only adored by its ONCE but also critics-alike stating the album as “cohesive” and touted TWICE’s mega-hit album as “absolute and unapologetic embracing of their concept”.

Lyrical Themes & Message

The album’s whole concept is dedicated to figuring out love as if it was a scientific concept. Formulating the hypothesis that everyone loves differently and there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to love. This whole album is an amazing showcase in story-telling by artists through a musical medium. And, makes the album feel like a full-fledged storybook. TWICE excelled in sticking to this motif and it shows from this particular track called Moonlight.

The B-side is the second track off of Formula of Love: O+T=<3 that talks about the absolute and definitive realization of love found in somebody’s presence. It is very genuine and raw in its approach. Moonlight evokes feelings of supreme happiness in the simplicity of loving someone and stating those inner-most feelings unapologetically. The track comes off very sincere and innocent that in, what some might consider, a “moment of weakness” by declaring love, it makes the person all the more strong for it. Moonlight conjures up thoughts of being caught up in the moment in one of those so-called “once in a blue moon perfect nights” hoping the euphoria never dies down. It’s carefree love that most people want to feel at least once in their lifetime.

Older listeners often state that “they don’t make ’em like they used to”. However, TWICE did exactly that. Avid K-pop fans will adore it because it is a fantastic song. And, casual fans, people who just started listening to K-pop, and, even non-fans of the medium will most certainly appreciate and enjoy this track. TWICE created and performed such a stunning song. While balancing out their own brand of K-Pop flare with this delightful track. Marrying the ’80s sound and K-pop with near perfection. And, in turn, modernizing vintage so seamlessly.


First Verse & First Pre-Chorus

The track starts off very subdued with Nayeon’s charming voice followed up by Chaeyoung’s swagger-filled and cool delivery of the verse. These two started off the song on the right track because Nayeon’s delivery comes off as very timid. And, Chaeyoung compliments it by maintaining composure considering the context of the song which is declaring love. As the song goes along, it is quite amazing how the producers of the song managed to do subtle tweaks here and there to change the emotion gradually and actually tell a story through the vocal strengths of each individual member of TWICE. Mina’s elegant dulcet voice anchors the first pre-chorus as the song reaches its first chorus. This trio in the first part of this song gives off the impression of mustering the confidence to let the feelings fly and they did it masterfully.

First Chorus & Second Verse

Tzuyu and Jeongyeon‘s partnership in the first chorus is perfect. Tzuyu delivers the first chorus in a shy manner with an endearing voice. While Jeongyeon hammers the point home with her strong vocal ability making the song sound stronger as it progresses. As previously mentioned, the song has subtle differences and intensity changes as it goes along. Now, listeners can hear the pace has picked up with more prominent and hectic bass lines. Dahyun delivering the second verse sounds way more confident in letting these feelings be known. With the leader of the group, Jihyo further intensified things in the pre-chorus with her signature deep sweet voice


As the song reaches its climax, we can hear Momo’s peach-sweet vocals side-by-side with Chaeyoung’s more self-assured manner of delivery in the chorus. The emotions finally soar to their peak when Sana delivers her enchanting lines making the hypothetical person portrayed in this song sound like they’re no longer afraid and unbothered of naysayers by stating these genuine feelings. As the song comes to a close, the trio of Mina, Jihyo, and, Nayeon caps this song off with the bridge. Mina with her innocent-sounding voice, Jihyo’s intensity. And, Nayeon combines the two effortlessly as she finishes off the song on such a high note figuratively and literally.

TWICE = Perfection

TWICE remains timeless. They further solidified and undoubtedly cemented their legacy in the history books of music. The group keeps getting better and better with each outing, which is crazy to think because they’re considered veterans of the field. However, time and time again TWICE has proved to everyone, even if they don’t need to, they’re still the present and very much the future.

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