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Working Remotely? Five Tips To Improve Your Productivity

Working remotely – are you for it or against it? Whether you like it or not, the working from home trend is here to stay and slowly becoming the norm in most industries.

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You can blame it on the pandemic or the latest trends, but if you’re working from home, at some point, you have probably struggled with staying focused.

According to the Upwork Future Workforce Survey 2021, over 22% of Americans will be working from home by 2025. This number accounts for approximately 40 million people. Although this is a higher number than before the pandemic, remote work has its fair share of challenges.

To help you out, here is a list of tips to help you stay on top of your work schedule while working remotely.

5 Tips To Stay Productive While Working Remotely

Are you struggling to stay alert when working from home? If you find yourself easily distracted with other tasks at home, watching TV, or the urge to relax, you’re probably not as productive as you would like to be.

To get you back on track, we have these six tips to help you achieve your daily deliverables while still enjoying the perks of remote working.

1. Dress for Work

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If you like dressing up when going to work, you don’t have to stop just because you will be working remotely.

Dressing up for work gets you mentally ready to concur your workday.

If you wake up and go right to work in your pajamas or sweatpants, there are high chances you won’t have the psyche to reply to those pending emails.

Stick to a routine; have breakfast, shower in the morning, and dress up before starting the workday.

2. Set a Schedule

Now that you have a place to work, you need a schedule. Most digital nomads will tell you how important having a plan is to your productivity.

Going to the office every day has the benefit of giving you a routine. As humans, we like routines; some depend on them to function.

You have to create a detailed schedule with timely goals to achieve during the day. This schedule can include a to-do list to ensure you don’t miss anything.

Sticking to a routine has excellent benefits to your mental health as well. With a schedule, you can put aside time for other activities like taking walks and breaks, improving overall focus.

3. Have Your Workspace

From above of young woman with long dark hair in casual clothes working at table and browsing netbook while sitting in modern workplace and touching hairAfter getting dressed for the occasion, you need a workplace free of distractions — setting up your office in your living room with the TV on and your family going about their day can be distracting.

Having a private space helps you limit your distractions. Although it is tempting to work from your bed or the couch, you need a makeshift workplace while working remotely.

Studies have shown that environmental factors like noise, indoor temperature, and workplace design can affect your productivity and performance as an employee. So when choosing your workspace, you need to be picky about where you set up your office.

Your workspace should have most of what you need to limit your movement unless it’s during a break. If you have water, your computer, headphones, and other office accessories nearby, you’ll hardly need to go anywhere while working.

4. Limit Distractions

Digital distractions are one of the most common hindrances to successfully working from home. From your smartphone or tablet to the TV, a lot around your home can tempt you to procrastinate your tasks.

Distractions can also come from friends or family if your kids are home. Limiting these distractions can involve getting a private workspace and keeping your phone away during your ‘office’ hours.

It will help if you have self-discipline because while on your home network, you can easily access movie sites and social platforms with ease.

Social media apps and online drama will always be there when you finish your work.

5. Take Breaks

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Know when to stop. You might not be commuting to the office daily, but you still have to take breaks when working at home. Remote working can negatively affect your mental health, so don’t lock yourself in your workspace all day.

Taking short 15-minute breaks can boost your motivation and offer you the inspiration you need to do your tasks well. It can relieve stress for you to finish your tasks without overworking. Don’t work too late into the night either, because you’ll forget about your self-care and family.

You can enjoy yourself a bit and clock out a few minutes earlier than usual to spend time with friends and family. Don’t let your work run your life. With enough rest, you can also improve the quality of work you deliver.

Become More Productive While Working Remotely

The bottom line is working from home has its challenges. That doesn’t mean you can’t be as productive as you are at the office.

By having your workspace, taking breaks, and following a schedule, you can still accomplish your daily tasks without your supervisor around.

Remote working is good for your health and promotes a healthy work-life balance. It can improve your work productivity, reduce stress, and make work more enjoyable.

If you are moving to a work-from-home setup, these tips can help make the transition easier.

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