Being Single on Valentine’s Day

It’s lover’s month. Everyone who is “boo’d” up is talking about a million things they’re planning to do this Valentine’s Day. Then, there’s you who is spending yet another “Val’s day” single.

Being single on Valentine’s Day may seem like the end of the world as you would constantly come across multiple ads on your social media promoting gift packages for a special someone. Every store is putting up its Valentine’s decorations. There’s truly no way to block out the noise…tears.

February 14 is a day to celebrate love. Love exists in so many ways. The notion that only romantic love deserves to be celebrated on that day is redundant. V-Day can be a celebration of self-love, platonic love, love amongst friends and family, and other forms of love.

The truth is, there are lots of people who are single during this period, so, you’re not alone. Cheer up as there are many things you can do to make this Valentine’s Day memorable or you can decide to spend it like every other day.

Here’s a list of things you can do to spark joy if you’re single this V-Day.

1.) Go on a Solo Date

What says “self-love” better than taking yourself out on a date? That gorgeous dress in your closet you have been saving for when someone finally asks you out on a date; yeah, that one, wear it! Make a reservation at a fancy restaurant, you will be surprised to find other single people who are there alone to enjoy the evening. This way you might make new friends or meet a potential lover.

2.) Organize a Galentine’s Day Outing

This is my favorite brand of Valentine’s Day. This is the perfect opportunity to link up with your single girlfriends to bond and celebrate with one another. You’re most likely not the only one who is single amongst your friends. You can make the most out of it by going out together for drinks or engaging in any fun activities.

3.) Go Shopping For Valentine’s Gifts

Who says you can’t get yourself Valentine’s Day present? No one! Buy yourself a lovely bouquet of roses, a big fluffy teddy, some champagne, and a box of mouth-watering chocolates to celebrate the holiday because you deserve it! Also, surprise any of your single friends or relative with a Val-Day gift. Spread the love.

4.) Binge-watch a Series

You can decide to binge-watch a new show on your watchlist. It doesn’t necessarily need to have a romantic theme, it could be anything (including horror). The best part about being single is you can watch anything without arguing about what to watch with a partner. So, grab your popcorn, pour a glass of wine, light some candles, and curl up on your couch to watch any feel-good show.

5.) Read a Novel

You are capable of escaping your present reality by immersing yourself in a book. Be it a romantic novel or fantasy, pick up a book to challenge your imagination and most importantly, to make you feel, good.

6.) Have a Regular Day

You can choose not to do anything special on that day. Spend the day like you normally would: Attend classes, go to work, or stay at home. You can pretend the day doesn’t exist and avoid being swept away by the tide.

There are loads of other things you can do to be happy on the day. Remember, there are more Valentine’s Day you are going to witness, it won’t always be like this if you don’t want it to.

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  1. Alexander Haynes, Editor

    I’ve not been single for a Valentine’s Day for 23 years… though I do enjoy The Office episode when Michael plays cupid.

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