Elvis Biopic Trailer Has LWOS Life All Shook Up.

The Elvis trailer has arrived, and LWOS Life is all shook up.

Today marked the first look at the trailer for the highly-anticipated Baz Luhrmann directed biopic. Warner Bros has released a full-length three-minute clip featuring Austin Butler as the legendary King of Rock n Roll. 

The biopic promises to explore the life and music of Elvis Presley. The complicated relationship Presley had with his manager Colonel Tom Parker will seemingly be central to this portrayal of Elvis life. 

Trailer Insights

The trailer does not shy away from tackling controversy from around that time. We see a glimpse of the mansion at Graceland. The trailer shows the massive press attention Elvis endured. We also see references to the killings of Martin Luther King and U.S president John F Kennedy

Butler looked born for this role with slick black hair and Elvis famous white jumpsuit. The trailer depicts the life story of the musician right from a young boy in Memphis to wowing crowds all around the world.

The trailer highlights the work Austin Butler has put into this role. His voice will be blended with Presley in his later years to bring some of Elvis, later songs to life.

The casting of Butler has split opinions online, with many criticizing his casting. For every criticism, there has been praise for the casting of Butler as Elvis.

Star-studded Cast

During the 3 minute trailer, we see Butler in character wowing audiences with memorable hits such as Jailhouse Rock and Unchained Melody.

Tom Hanks stars as Elvis manager Colonel Tom Parker and narrates the trailer brilliantly teasing at his villainess nature in the film: “There are some who make me out to be the villain of this here story.”

One particular scene in the trailer shows Parker saying to Elvis after a performance. “Are you born with destiny? Or does it just come knocking at your door?” 

Parker continues: “At that moment, I watched that skinny boy transform into a superhero. He was my destiny.” This part of the trailer builds up the notion of Parker as the villain and him taking advantage of Elvis status. 

In addition to Tom Hanks staring, Olivia DeJonge will play Elvis wife Priscilla.

We get a glimpse of the Graceland mansion as well as the intense press attention he faced, set against the backdrop of political unrest in the U.S and the killings of Martin Luther King Jr and President John F Kennedy.

The end of the trailer hints that we will see the demise of Elvis. Butler in the trailer said: “I’m gonna be 40 soon,” he is heard saying. “And nobody’s gonna remember me.” Hearing these lines hints that we will experience all aspects of Elvis life, including the highs and lows.

Not Just Any “Hound Dog”

During a press conference for the biopic and the release of the trailer, Baz Luhrmann explained what drew him to make a biopic of Memphis Flash: “The life of Elvis Presley could not be a better canvas on which to explore America in the 50s, 60s, and 70s.” 

Lurhmann continued. “It’s a mythical life that he lived.”

Elvis and his blue suede shoes will enter cinemas on June 24, 2022.

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