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Online Vet Appointments Becoming a Viable Option

As the COVID-19 pandemic gripped the world, access to appointments with qualified vets became that much harder. Many clinics closed their doors. The number of clients who could be served was reduced. Pet parents were forced to either accept illnesses as transient or look for alternative options.

To compound the issue, there was a dramatic increase in the number of pets sold during the pandemic’s first 12 months. Pet sale increases only made it that much harder to find qualified help.

And what about dog food marketing? An entire industry has been created to market dog food as being “organic”, “natural”, and “grain-free”. But to what end? A dog’s diet is so important!

Online Veterinarians Can Fill the Gap

While Telehealth and virtual doctor appointments predated COVID-19, they became a viable option for so many who otherwise would not have been able to receive the help they needed. And now online vets have become the next logical step.

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Online veterinarians can fill a gap in coverage by providing 24/7 services for pet owners who can’t get to the vet during regular office hours or have questions that don’t require the hassle or expense of a trip to the office. They can also provide digital services such as online consultations, prescriptions, and lab tests.

24/7 and Fully Qualified

AskVet is one great option for people who live in remote areas or have pets with special needs. With licensed US veterinarians, fur parents get access 24/7 at a more reasonable cost than an emergency clinic.

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Virtual appointments may never replace in-person entirely. Many people, however,  have started to realize the convenience factor of consulting with an online vet.


  • Accessibility
  • Lower cost
  • 24/7
  • Privacy
  • Health and safety

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