Guide to a Carefree Life

The Stoic Guide: How to Live a Carefree Life

The Idea of Living a Carefree Life

Everyone talks about the idea of living a carefree life, but how many actually mean it and take action? The answer is “very few”. People juggle between work, menial tasks, home, and restrict their growth. Living a carefree life means the ability to survive and handle even the most difficult situations both very calmly and mindfully. Most people spend their time simply worrying and stressing even in unnecessary situations. Living a carefree life is supposed to mean living so that any kind of stress does not overwhelm you.

Living a life is all about worrying less and enjoying more. No doubt, we live in a society that conditions us from birth to take things seriously – which ends up making us feel stressed and anxious, which is obviously very detrimental to our health and well-being. The importance of living a carefree and easy-going life is still unknown for most people. It makes you feel lighter; overthinking is reduced and you really start to enjoy and appreciate even the small things. Here are some tips on how to live a carefree life and truly enjoy it.

1.Take out time for the things that you love

Don’t live life how someone else wants you to. Create your own life. Out of the whole day, try to take some time for yourself – where you, your thoughts, feelings, and emotions are all that is there with you. If you know how to do things that you love or the things that are meant for you, you’ll end up becoming more carefree and more active. Do the things that you love; it might be painting, chronicling the day’s events in your journal, beginning a gardening, binge-watching, or anything. Make a point of making time for fun. Your life will be a whole lot easier once you realize that you can not put your interests on the back burner all in the name of making a living. First and foremost, you have to explore and be happy with yourself.

2. Socialize with fun and charming people

Never underestimate the power of socializing and surround yourself with positive people whom you enjoy being around. Avoid being with people who are mentally draining. The circle you live around matters a lot, it has a great influence both on mental and psychological well-being. Thus, try to socialize with like and open-minded people. Moreover, it will improve your cognitive skills; sharpen your mind, and increase your sense of happiness and well-being.

3. Write your thoughts

Journal-logging or simply writing your thoughts on paper can lead to a big change. Writing down thoughts and feelings will help you to understand yourself. It will bring clarity and help to remove unwanted stressors. Writing down everything indiscriminately helps to deal with stress and clarifies your inner emotions. Daily and at night, keep a journal and write anything that you are feeling; it will help you to take action and will ultimately help you to stay carefree. This exercise helps the mind to center and reorganize all those spiraling thoughts that leave you in a fog. You’ll notice a picture emerging of the real issue at hand and then you can easily figure it out with time.

4. Stay ahead of your stress

Exercise Exercise is one of the best and most effective ways to live a less stressful life. Exercise helps to release happy hormones which improve your mood and help to feel much more carefree. Even brisk walking for about 30-40 minutes can help a lot to bring a whole change in your body, be it physically, emotionally, or mentally. Exercise offers multiple benefits. Furthermore, it pumps up the endorphins which directly help to foster relaxation. Some additional benefits of exercise include boosting levels of good cholesterol in your blood, helping you sleep better at night, boosting your energy, and improving your overall self-image. Altogether, it improves the quality of life.

5. Learn to love yourself

The best thing you can do for yourself is to accept and love yourself as you are. Stop listening to the comments and views of others for a bit. Rather, live the life that you want it to be. Treat yourself with loving-kindness, compassion, and grace. It will reduce all sorts of anxiety, or stress that is spoiling your health. Apart from this, be grateful for everything. Express gratitude as much as you can, you will be more positive and secure. This is the ultimate key to living a carefree life.

6. Go outside more

Research shows that spending some time outdoors with sunlight boosts the serotonin level. Serotonin helps to make you feel less stressed and tired. Try to spend at least 15-20 minutes getting some fresh air and sunlight to get Vitamin D. Trust me, it works wonders. Just make sure you grab your sunscreen and follow our advice as to why it is essential.

7. Be Perfectly Imperfect

Our society has shaped us to remain perfect and faultless. The truth is, however, no one can possibly be perfect and you need not pretend to be. So, try to embrace imperfections and flaws. Never mold yourself on others’ definitions, views, or standards. You do not need to be anyone other than who you are. The more authentic you are, the more powerful you are: imperfectly perfect with everything you need to create positive change within you right now. With that belief comes great power and freedom. This can be a perfect way to live a carefree and purposeful life.

All this can only be possible if you take action. Live the life that you want to live; embrace flaws, have fun, be grateful, trust yourself, and, most importantly, love yourself as much as you can. If you want to make a change for yourself and live a carefree life, take steps and be consistent, and don’t forget nothing comes easy.

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  1. Michael Kovacs, ADMIN

    Great advice. I think everyone needs to get out more, especially our youth who have been cooped up too long with covid protocols and restrictions.

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