Various apps that make Social Media Detox challenging.

Social Media Detox: Is It Necessary?

“Ping!” – there goes our hand to check what our phone is alerting us about. At this point, it’s a reflex more than anything where we immediately grab our devices whenever any notification pops up. Some use social media to escape human interaction, while others unwittingly spend their spare time casually using them.

Social media and its relationship with us have grown since the 2000s, with thousands of applications surfacing each day. From communication, online shopping, marketing, advertisements, etc. These apps enable us to reach people anywhere at any time. As it is said, where a coin has two sides, so do social networking sites. But is a detox really necessary? Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider:

Unhealthy Fanaticism

The rise of social media gave way to the “influencer” culture. People keep a watchful eye on these famous figures, practically following every step they take. Additionally, these “fans” want to know everything about their favorite influencer like what kind of fashion they’re into, what’s their taste in different aspects, and what they’re doing.

Some even take inspiration and try to follow in their footsteps. However, these influencers don’t always have a positive impact on us. It’s possible to become vulnerable and have the unnecessary desire to become like that particular person just to gather attention; this could be an issue. After trying hard, we realize that we can’t be someone else just to become popular and amass fame. Posting pictures of ourselves and sharing every aspect of our lives will eventually become toxic

While we’re uploading content on the internet, it also awakens insecurities within ourselves. We often find ourselves comparing our life to someone else’s. This inner turmoil could lead to us losing our self-worth. Additionally, we focus on aspects that shouldn’t be a priority. Phones don’t benefit our daily lives and neither does social media, we have to get up and be productive to live a bountiful life. Constantly sticking to our screens, and doing endless, useless activities, will make us dull. While hard work requires effort, this is the only way to succeed.

Losing Precious Time

When we religiously use our devices, we miss out on some quality time with our loved ones. One of these days, a significant change might bring us closer. However, if we’re going to continuously use our phones to worrying degrees, those significant changes may never materialize.

For kids, consistently being on social media creates an unhealthy environment, leading to feelings of disconnection from their parents. Simultaneously, their parents would also feel left out, as if we’re not willing to be with them.

People who love us want us near, as having a loved one around to talk to, go out with and enjoy life beside brings boundless joy. A person who sets aside time is a reassuring thing, making them feel secure and content, not someone who’s absorbed by their phone activities.

It’s about time we set our phones aside, explore our surroundings, and let our lungs inhale a non-technologically induced environment.

Disconnect to Reconnect

Put your phone down and go outside, as it can be exciting and refreshing. Take a walk or go for a cycle. If you still live at home – help your mother in the kitchen, your father with his work, and even your sister with her homework. And if you have time, maybe play sports with your brother. Anything that keeps you away from your phone and gives you a break, enables you to reconnect with the world.

Social networking sites are usually filled with insecure people, who use filters and numerous applications to sculpt a new human that they will never be. It’s all virtual and feigns one’s reality. Social media, to some degree, provides happiness. However, it doesn’t mean we should take it to heart and let it consume us. Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way. We’re perfect in our bodies, regardless of the standards set by this online culture.

Why a Social Media Detox Is Important

To wrap things up, we ought to come out of this virtual world and look beyond ourselves. People need us, love us, and want to care for us. There is life beyond our screens.

We’re not bound to fulfill superficial boundaries set by social networking sites and to change our persona to fit other people’s standards. Think about what you’re losing when you spend time on these devices. We should learn to keep these problems at bay. Let us not give man-made technology the power to make us its slaves.

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