Black Mirror Season 6 is confirmed by Netflix

Netflix Confirm Black Mirror Season 6

The wait has felt like an eternity, but Netflix has finally confirmed that everyone’s favorite anthology series is back: Black Mirror Season 6

It’s back and I cannot wait!

There has not been a new episode of the ultra-popular, dystopian sci-fi series since 2019 when only three episodes were released for Season 5. Striking Vipers revolved around old college friends Danny and Karl playing a VR version of their favorite video game. Their late-night gaming sessions take an unexpected turn! The next episode, Smithereens centered around a ride-share driver in London who decides to make a stand by kidnapping a worker from a social media company. 

The final episode of Season 5 was Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too. We see a teenage girl struggling to fit in become obsessed with a robot doll based on Ashley O (Miley Cyrus). Just as her obsession with Ashley O increases, the real Ashley O begins to realize her life is falling apart. Season 5 was fascinating and hugely entertaining. Black Mirror is renowned as a show that is not afraid to push the boundaries.

The future of Black Mirror

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The show and its future were in doubt due to disputes with the Endemol Shine Group, who own the show’s IP. These disputes escalated when reports began to surface that Annabel Jones and Charlie Brooker departed Endemol. Both Annabel and Charlie were reported to be starting their own company (Broke and Bones) with Netflix’s backing. Due to Endemol owning the show’s IP and Annabel and Charlie departing, we stopped receiving new updates on Black Mirror. Since July 2020, when news broke that Netflix and Endemol had yet to reach an agreement regarding Black Mirrors IP, Endemol has been taken over by new owners Banijay Group. This takeover seems to have facilitated positive talks, which have prompted the announcement of Black Mirror Season 6. Thankfully!

There has been no information thus far on possible plotlines for each episode. However if Season 5 is anything to go by, we could expect hour-long episodes that are more like films! It is unclear at this time how many episodes Season 6 will have but reports have confirmed we will get more than the three episodes that we got in Season 5.

A trip down memory lane

Black Mirror has given us many memorable episodes. Shut Up And Dance is an intense episode about revenge against criminals. It involves a scavenger style hunt which the criminal has to complete to keep their secret.

San Junipero is a beautiful story involving love, obstacles, and a meta world. It is equally heartbreaking as it is a lovely story which you want to end well for Kelly and Yorkie!

The Entire History of You is a traumatic watch as it delves headfirst into love and infidelity. People can watch all their memories through an implanted chip. It makes you think about all the technological advances happening in our lifetime and that they can cause both wonderment and devastation!

Black Mirror really is back!

The details may be limited, but it’s official, Black Mirror is back! There promises to be more updates as the months pass. Whatever the creators of this intense anthology series have in store for us, get strapped in because it promises to be one hell of a ride.

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