Trailer for the new Resident Evil Netflix series

New Resident Evil Adaptation Coming To Netflix

Netflix has recently announced Resident Evil is being adapted for a series premiering on the streaming platform on July 14, 2022. We have been treated to two trailers in the last few days, and it looks like we’re in for an eventful apocalyptic ride when July 14 arrives!

The first trailer introduces us to the Wesker family who has relocated to Raccoon City. The trailer puts it perfectly for the Wesker family: “I really think you guys are going to love it here.” We are not quite so sure the Weskers will live happily ever after in Raccoon City. Many fans of the original Resident Evil games have campaigned for years for the films or a series to follow the story arc of the games. Unfortunately for them, this won’t be the series that does that. However, there are some subtle nods to the original Resident Evil by having the lead character fight for survival with the hope of bringing down the evil Umbrella Corporation!

Netflix’s Resident Evil

During this series, we will be treated to two parallel storylines in 2022 and 2036. One will be set pre-apocalypse, and the other will be a post-apocalypse. Tamara Scott (2022) and Ella Balinska (2036) will play the younger and older versions of Jade Wesker, respectively. Older Jade will struggle to deal with losing family members to the T-VirusAlbert Wesker is Jade’s father. Albert will be familiar to existing fans of the franchise, though he’s played by the incredible Lance Reddick this time. His other daughter, Billie, is also a big part of the upcoming series in the 2022 timeline. Showrunner Andrew Dabb explained the purpose of the two timelines was to highlight what the world would look like once it adapts to a zombie outbreak!

Both timelines are way after the 1998 nuking of Raccoon City, which is still relevant in this new adaptation. Many fans thought Wesker died when he fell into the volcano at the end of the Resident Evil 5 game. Dabb has remained secretive over how Wesker survived the RPGing from 1998. The trailer and Dabb’s interviews show us that this is a brand-new story to attract new fans to the franchise alongside existing fans who will recognize certain aspects of the upcoming adaptation. Could this new series prove a gateway to the franchise – in the way many perceive Resident Evil 3?

Will we get horror…or action?

As an avid fan like many of the Resident Evil franchise, I wanted a series that looked at horror as a priority and action second. Andrew Dabb seemingly read my mind when he recently said, “We always try to lead with horror, and then action comes second.”

When the first trailer switches to 2036 and you see the swarms of zombies in London, it’s clear the series will tick many boxes for new and existing fans of the Resident Evil franchise. In 2036, Jade Wesker is haunted by her history in Raccoon City, the links her dad Albert has to Umbrella, and what happened to her twin sister Billie!

The second trailer delves into more detail on what we can expect in the series. The latest trailer delves into what has revived the T-Virus for this adaptation – and it’s an anti-depressant called “Joy”. The pill also contains the deadly T-Virus that looks set to cause death and devastation! In the words of Albert Wesker, the T-Virus, together with Joy, “can make monsters.”

This latest adaptation of this monstrous franchise will premiere on Netflix on July 14 – and consist of eight one-hour episodes. Whatever this new adaptation has in store for us, it promises to contain plenty of scares and heart-stopping moments!

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