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Photography: You Only Click Once

Capturing special moments that pass away fleetingly, that’s the magic of photography. Thanks to the boon that cameras were created so that we can capture any moment or view, anytime we like. Humans tend to clasp their memories and keep them close to their hearts and refreshed in their minds. It’s probably the only way to remember old times and never forget about them.

Many of us like to seize appeasing views in our cameras – be it phones or an actual DSLR. Few do it for the sake of a hobby, few do it for remembering every place they visit and others just randomly take pictures to satisfy their wants. It’s a fascinating pastime that enables one to gather so many expressions with just one image. As the famous saying goes, “Every picture speaks a thousand words.”

Just by looking at a beautiful scenery in a photograph, we can experience its aura, and get a rough idea of how it looks and feels. With the help of social networking sites, we can explore places by simply looking at images.

The Magic of Photography

Our minds tend to struggle to remember minute details yet photography sustains these moments and keeps them alive in our hearts. Likewise, each one of us has childhood photographs that show differences and changes in us which warm our hearts instantly. Perhaps, it could be anyone from our family members too. Some people can’t be with us all the time, nonetheless, they live in photographs and possess the origin of our recollections.

Not every one of us has anything to do with photography, although we’ve possibly had an experience with it, be it at random instants in our lives.

If we find something that immediately catches our eyes, all we need to do is to click a button and save it. It is indeed serene to be able to relive any ordeal with just a photograph.

Today it is an occurrence, tomorrow it will be history.

Photographing History

While taking photographs, we should bear in mind that we’re making history. We’re preserving special moments on a piece of paper or a device so that they can be forwarded to the coming generations. There are changes taking place constantly so, perhaps, one would want to know the originality behind the picture. How it was before and how it is after a number of years. Similarly, we see monuments and age-old artifacts in pictures taken during that time. We can spot major differences and learn many ideals from them. Photography plays a vital role in history as well.

A person’s memory may die, but a picture remains eternal. It is to live in the moment and cherish it with images forever. Living through the lenses of a camera gives a distinctive kind of contentment. That moment will pass and we won’t be able to partake in it again. Tomorrow isn’t promised, and neither is any coming second. Photography is a basic skill that any person can learn and excel at. And it’s worthwhile for many purposes too. People also make it their profession, while some use it as a hobby.

To conclude my point, photography is essential to keep all our crucial memories alive in our hearts, as if we live at that moment, every day, and make our hearts swell with positivity and joy. Photography is a medium to keep all our recollections in our minds forever. It’s one beautiful aspect, that will benefit humans and help them sustain notable fractions of life forever.

Consequently, every fleeting moment clicked, will be only come once, as it goes, you only click once.

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