K-Pop sensations NMIXX attending the "WOOYOUNGMI" Jewelry launch event.

K-Pop 2022 Releases (August-October)

2022 has been one heck of a year for the genre of K-Pop. This year already boasted the returns of iconic acts like Girls’ Generation and Super Junior, as well the top names in the industry today like IVESEVENTEENNCT, and many more releasing such great outings. However, this year is the year that keeps on giving and we’re not quite done yet.

We’re here to highlight some notable K-Pop 2022 releases still coming that will help out close such a fruitful year for the genre. Without further ado let’s get right into it.

Between 1&2″  – TWICE

Fresh off of announcing their renewal to ONCEs and releasing the amazing Japanese single “Celebrate,” JYP Entertainment queens TWICE are back at it again with their 11th mini-album entitled “Between 1&2.”

At the time of writing, the album release is only mere days away as it releases on August 26th, 2022. TWICE has already released teasers of their album’s carrier single “Talk That Talk,” and it sounds like we are in for another amazing outing from the nation’s girl group.

“Blah Blah Blah” – ITZY

This isn’t the first or last time we’re going to be talking about JYPE girl groups. So, let’s talk about red-hot K-Pop conquerors ITZY. The 4th gen girl group was mighty busy all year long. Starting the year by releasing their debut Japanese single “Voltage.” They followed up that electrifying hit with their fifth extended play outing “CHECKMATE.”

The fifth mini-EP boasted the amazing and catchy single “Sneakers.” As well as B-side bops like “RAC3R” and the emotional ballad “DOMINO.” The girls from ITZY are not quite done with 2022 just yet, as they will release their second Japanese single in the same year, titled “Blah Blah Blah” on October 5th, 2022. Voltage was absolutely breathtaking, and if it’s something to go by, Blah Blah Blah will surely another hit.


The youngest and newest JYP girl group on this list NMIXX comes back on September 19th, 2022. As they release their much-anticipated second single “ENTWURF.” After a divisive outing in “O.O,” NSWERs and fellow interested fans were clamoring for the NMIXX girls to get their just due and be handed a song that befits their amazing talents.

With so many things going for this comeback, namely a Twitter account that seems to be a promotional tool employed by JYP Entertainment, we’re very hopeful that NMIXX gets the song that catapults them higher up the ladder.

Born Pink” – BLACKPINK

It’s been a long time coming, and fortunately, here we are. BLACKPINK is finally returning to the scene after almost a two-year hiatus. The YG Entertainment girl group released a pre-release single titled “Pink Venom,” to mixed receptions. However, we’re extremely positive that the pre-release track is just a bump in the road. And, Born Pink will be another unforgettable outing from the international K-pop sensation.

What K-Pop 2022 releases are you most excited for? Leave a comment and let us know!

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