Blink-182 performing at the "Reading Festival" back in 2014.

Blink-182 “Edging” (LIFE Review)

After seven long years of being apart, the trio of Tom DeLongeMark Hoppus, and Travis Barker are back together as the legendary Pop-punk/Punk rock act Blink-182. To commemorate DeLonge’s return to the lineup, Blink-182 released a single titled “Edging” on October 14, 2022.

The new single marks the first time since the Dogs Eating Dogs EP that DeLonge, Hoppus, and Barker all worked together as a unit. The music video for Edging came a day later to accompany the brand-new track.

Now that everything has been officially released for the new song, we would like to give our honest insight into the band’s new outing and discuss how the band got to this point. With all that out of the way, let’s get right into it and review Edging by Blink-182.


What many fans would call the “definitive” line-up of Blink-182 are no strangers to reunions. Tom DeLonge exited the band for a period in 2005 and pursued other musical projects with the band Angels & Airwaves. During Blink’s hiatus, Barker and Hoppus also pursued other endeavors together, forming the band +44.

In 2009, the band reunited at that year’s GRAMMY Awards. Fast-forward to 2015, DeLonge once again departed the band amidst the turmoil looming for quite some time between the trio.

Alkaline Trio frontman and guitarist Matt Skiba would fill his role, and would do so for the albums California and NINE, as well as the single “Quarantine.” With the trio back and better than ever and with a World Tour in front of the band, Skiba’s time with the Blink has seemingly come to an end. Here’s a statement by Tom DeLonge, that would later be reposted by Blink-182’s official Instagram page.


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The new single “Edging” is an ode to the early days of Blink-182, as well as a return to form for the band. Edging is fast, catchy, and funny, and it sounds like the amalgamation of all eras of the band.

From the classic 90’s Skate punk vibe of “Dammit,” to the elements that made Pop-punk anthems like “All The Small Things” and “First Date” special, long-time fans, as well as new fans will definitely get a kick out of hearing the trio work together again.

While this might be a stretch, even Tom’s vocal style also resembles the band’s “Neighborhoods” outing, as well as a bit of AvAEdging might not be reinventing the proverbial Blink-182 wheel. However, it’s a great reintroduction of Tom to the lineup. Above all else, Edging is an amazing song that loudly and proudly screams Blink 182.

Verdict and Conclusion

We’re giving Edging an 8.5 out of 10. Again, it’s nothing new as far as the band’s past outing is concerned. That said, especially in this context, it doesn’t have to be. Pop-punk/Punk rock and Blink-182 fans alike have been clamoring for the trio to return, and now they finally got it.

While Skiba did a splendid job completing the triad for a while, most would attest that the magic comes from Mark, Tom, and Travis sharing the stage and making sweet music together. As huge fans of the band, we cannot wait for the world tour and the succeeding musical outputs that will undoubtedly fill Blink-182’s future.

What do you think of Blink 182’s new single “Edging”? Let us know what you think!

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