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Anxiety Attack: 5 Things You Can Do When You Have Them

Anxiety attacks are a phenomenon many find themselves facing regularly. It can hit anybody instantly at any time and any place. It can be quite the ordeal regardless if the anxiety attack hits you in a public place or at home. This begs the question, “what can you do when you’re having an anxiety attack?”

That very inquiry is what we aim to answer in this blog. Let this serve as your guide regarding anxiety attacks as it discusses ways you can deal when afflicted with these intense episodes of fear and panic.

Remain Where You Are

Anxiety attacks are often triggered by stress, and when you’re having an anxiety attack, it’s important to stay in the moment.

If you have an anxiety attack, stay where you are. It is not necessary to leave your house or feel the need to escape. You can take deep breaths and try to calm down. Breathing exercises can be used as a technique for coping with an anxiety attack because they help you focus on your breathing and release tension.

Take Slow and Deep Breaths

Anxiety attacks are the most common type of anxiety and they come in many forms. They can cause physical symptoms, such as chest pain, shortness of breath, and dizziness. People who have an anxiety attack may also have emotional symptoms like feeling scared or frightened for no reason at all.

There are many ways to deal with an anxiety attack and one way is to breathe slowly and deeply when you start to feel anxious. This will help your body relax so that you don’t experience any more physical or emotional symptoms of an anxiety attack.


It can be hard to remember that this episode will pass when you are in the middle of an anxiety attack. Anxiety attacks are not just a feeling, but also a cycle of physical changes in the body.

The best way to help yourself is to talk to someone who cares about you and distract yourself. Remind yourself that this episode will pass and try to think about something else for a while.

Go To Your Happy Place

Anxiety is a feeling of unease, worry, and nervousness. The feeling is sudden and intense episodes that can be triggered by a number of things.

This is why it is important to focus on positive, peaceful, and relaxing images when having an anxiety attack. These images help the person in distress to calm down and focus on something else. As opposed to what caused their anxiety attack in the first place.

Remind Yourself It’ll All Be Okay

For those who’ve dealt or are still dealing with anxiety attacks, you are well aware that they can come from nowhere and leave you feeling like you are dying. The feelings of being unable to breathe, the racing heart, and the feeling that something is wrong with your body can be terrifying.

It is important to remind yourself that these feelings are not life-threatening. It is easy to get caught up in the fear of what might happen and forget that these feelings will pass if you let them.

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