LWOS Life Recommendations: 10 TikTok Accounts to Follow

LWOS Life Recommendations: 5 TikTok Accounts to Follow in 2024

TikTok is changing the way we consume content. There is a plethora of accounts to follow and something for everyone. As part of the LWOS Life recommendations series, we are bringing you 5 TikTok accounts to follow.

Best TikTok Accounts to Follow in 2024

LWOS Life Recommends Ten Accounts

ShxtsNGigs are comprised of two friends from University, Fuhad and James. They are almost at 8 million followers on the platform and are flourishing on every other platform. On TikTok you will see the funniest clips from their full length podcasts. The way they interact with each other is hilarious, and it really just feels like the beginning for this phenomenal duo.

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With 14.7 million followers, Vicblends is TikTok royalty, but so much more than his               follower account. He offers strangers free haircuts on the street in exchange for a    meaningful conversation. It’s an insightful, original, and wholesome channel that highlights the positive impact he wants to make in the world.

Zachery Dereniowski is a reminder of the good that exists. He goes to different parts of the world and gifts money and experiences to deserving people while spreading positive messages. This money or gifts come through crowdfunding and donations. His videos were memorable through the pandemic, where he stood in the street holding a board that said: “Your vaccination status won’t change: How much I love you.”

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Next on our top 5 is Mr Grouchy, who dresses up as The Grinch, and goes around different venues, and dances to a wide variety of songs. It’s funny and wholesome content. Seeing people’s reactions, whether they are scared or joining in, is brilliant and what makes this account worth following. We believe the current 5.8 million followers of Mr Grouchy will support our view that this is one of the best accounts to follow on TikTok.

Creating Wonders is a thought-provoking account with 13.5 million followers and over 335 million likes. He drops a daily reminder, such as: “I don’t know who needs to hear this, but you do not have to rebuild every relationship with everyone you’ve forgiven. Just because you’re at peace, it does not mean that they are still not toxic.” 

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He also releases a quote of the day with the subject of the quote supplied by a follower. Each video will make you stop and think wow. Whatever the content from Creating Wonders, his account is well thought out and makes you think deeper and beyond the surface of any issue.

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