Death and Other Details Trailer: Mandy Patinkin to Star in New Hulu Murder Mystery Series

Death and Other Details Trailer: Mandy Patinkin to Star in New Hulu Murder Mystery Series

Hulu, the Walt Disney Company subscription streaming service, has grown in popularity, and 2024 looks set to be another good year with new shows set to be released. One of those new shows, Death and Other Details has released its trailer for its January 16 release date.

What We Know About Death and Other Details

Death and Other Details Storyline

Hulu has now revealed the official trailer for their upcoming murder mystery show Death and Other Details, available for streaming on January 16. The series will star Mandy Patinkin and Violett Beane. The trailer shows us the storyline will be around the murder of a passenger on a luxury cruise. We also discover Patinkin will play the role of Detective Rufus Coteworth, who teams up with Beane’s Imogene Scott.

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The show description sets the scene brilliantly for this upcoming series: “Set amidst the glamor of the global elite, ‘Death and Other Details’ centers on the brilliant and restless Imogene Scott (Violett Beane), who finds herself in the wrong place/wrong time (okay, it was kinda her fault) and becomes the prime suspect in a locked room murder mystery.

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The setting? A lavishly restored Mediterranean ocean liner. Suspects? Every pampered guest and every exhausted crew member. The problem? To prove her innocence, she must partner with a man she despises—Rufus Cotesworth (Mandy Patinkin), the world’s greatest detective.”

What Else We Know So Far

Death and Other Details is written and executive-produced by Mike Weiss and Heidi Cole McAdams, who also double up as showrunners for the upcoming murder mystery series. Lauren Patten, Rahul Kohli, Angela Zhou, Hugo Diego Garcia, Pardis Saremi, and Linda Emondm complete the rest of the cast. Marc Webb takes on the director duties in episode 1 and an executive producer role with Mark Martin for Black Lamb. 

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