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Schizophrenia: A Source of Creativity?

Bipolar disorder and schizophrenia could lead us the right direction and find biological components on how the brain unlocks creativity in all of us. But how? John Nash, Vicent Van Gogh, Syn Barrett, and Eduard Einstein could give us the answer.

Schizophrenia and the Dysfunction of Glial Cells

Around the world, at least 21 million people have schizophrenia. As Nobel laureate Eric Kandel wrote, “schizophrenia is a complex disorder affecting numerous regions of...

Five Great Science Books In 2018

From genetics and neuroscience to the unspoken alliance of astrophysics and war, we give five great science books in 2018.

Eric Kandel On Unusual Brains and What They Tell Us

In August 2018, neuroscientist Eric Kandel released The Disordered Mind: What Unusual Brains Tells Us About Ourselves, and we're here to review it. Eric Kandel On...