Former Beutons Frontman Trevor Hambidge Releasing Solo Single 'Sailing off the Edge of the World'

Former Beutons Frontman Trevor Hambidge Releasing Solo Single ‘Sailing off the Edge of the World’

Lisbon, Portugal – February 16th, 2024 – Lisbon based British born former Beutons frontman Trevor Hambidge releases new track to kick off an exciting 2024 release schedule and announces two further EPs and a new album.

Former Beutons Frontman Trevor Hambidge to Release New Single ‘Sailing off the Edge of the World’

Trevor Hambidge to Release New Single

Cornwall genre-melding Indie-Rock combo The Beutons burst onto the indie scene in 2013 with their John Cornfield-produced debut record “I Didn’t Ask For It And I Don’t Want It” and quickly made a splash with audiences across the Southwest of England, earning plaudits, awards, touring the UK and landing support slots with Sony’s I Am Giant, Britpop legends Dodgy and Reef, and even supporting Charlotte Church at Focus Wales 2013. Then just as suddenly dropping off the musical map after the band broke up citing personal reasons.

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The Beutons track Last Dance With Mary Jane – which was penned by Trevor Hambidge – has gone on to rack up over 150k streams on Spotify, despite the band break-up in 2015, and has sustained streaming interest both in the UK and in countries all over the world. Hambidge has now resumed writing and recording as a solo artist and is excited to announce the upcoming release of his latest single, “Sailing Off The Edge Of The World.”

The track will be distributed via Landr as a digital-only release, under his own Less Economically Developed Music label, and serves as a follow-up to his 2023 EP, “Beneath The Cottonwood Trees.”. Hambidge advises that this track will be an appetizer for a busy upcoming release schedule for 2024, with two further EPs and a new album in the pipeline.

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“Sailing Off The Edge Of The World” is a melodic blend of indie rock, retro, alt-folk, jangle-pop, and roots music, drawing inspiration from artists like The Coral, The La’s, The Zutons and Gomez with the infusion of Hambidge’s own ever-present personal charm. The song provides a taste of what’s to come on the upcoming EPs and album this year – featuring
12-string, acoustic, and super clean electric guitar layers.

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The song explores the frustrations and feelings of futility associated with middle age, and the reflections of having burned so brightly, but briefly, as a part of an upcoming band before seeing his musical career derailed by forces outside his control. The track juxtapositions that subject matter against an overtly positive, happy musical backdrop throughout for a compelling and rewarding experience that showcases Hambidge’s musical versatility and promises to resonate with fans of British indie music from the 90s and 00s especially.

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