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Jeffrey Gitomer’s LITTLE GOLD BOOK OF YES! ATTITUDE Book Review

You can purchase a positive attitude for just $19.95 through Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. But the journey to being the person you would like to see in the mirror doesn’t end once you have clicked through your favorite podcast’s promotion to buy the book on Amazon. You have to actually implement this advice in your life! Reading this book is a great way to give yourself a mental kick in the rear if you have found yourself on cruise control, and I’m not talking about driving a motorcycle through the Mojave Desert while being chased by packs of futuristic marauders who were also extras in the new Mad Max on your way to saving the princess from the boss in Donkey Kong (that would be Tom Cruise Control, of course).

Jeffrey Gitomer’s Push for the Positive

You Set the Tone When You Wake up Every Morning

On Bert Kreischer‘s podcast, David Koechner once said “Every morning when you wake up is the starting line.” That is a great piece of advice from a hilarious actor who has so much diversity in his game that Walter Cronkite once said the native of Kansas City was as smooth as, “A Swiss Army Knife cutting through a hunk of brisket.” These words of wisdom are also intimately related to the crux of Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. Gitomer discusses the importance of starting off each day with a series of positive thoughts and affirmations to instill beliefs in yourself that there is no goal out of your reach. Gitomer also recommends consuming a few minutes of positive media each morning, whether it be a book, podcast or TV show, to set your mind on the track for personal growth.

You Are the Key to Your Positive Attitude

The main essence and the biggest take-home lesson of the book is the fact that your positive attitude begins with yourself. Have you ever met someone who is a terrible driver? They have probably gotten countless traffic violations, speeding tickets and into a few fender benders. They may have even hit a parked car or two on their way home from Whole Foods without leaving a note. What do they tell you? It’s everyone else’s fault!

But what’s the common denominator in all their driving troubles? They are! Now expand this narrow example to your whole life; no matter where you go, you are the common denominator throughout! Now I’m starting to sound like I just got out of a seminar on sales by Jeffrey Gitomer.

Your Positive Attitude Must Be Maintained

Hold your horses there, champ. You really think your work is done here? Have you even read Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude? If you’re so smart then how do you maintain a positive attitude once you have harnessed the force? One great tip from Gitomer is to think positive thoughts and write them down, creating a positive plan of action for your life. He also talked about how writing has given him a renewed sense of purpose in life, which is like totally awesome if you are searching for a way to express yourself and you aren’t as stealthy as Banksy.

Don’t Watch The News

I love the fact that Jeffrey Gitomer wrote this. Not only should you not be watching the news, which perpetuates the gloominess of the world (not to say that the world is not a gloomy place, you just don’t have to shove it in your face and foster negative hurricane force winds swirling around your head unless there is an actual hurricane coming towards where you live in which case you should probably pay attention to the news for evacuation purposes), but you should be substituting this time with an activity that will lead you towards positive thoughts. Being positive means being grateful for what you have and appreciative of the world around you while striving to achieve personal goals on the yellow book road (ah-ha! I just had a Yes! moment.) to self-actualization. And that’s the way it is.

Last Word on Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude

This book is a gym membership; you get nothing by owning it but everything by using it in your everyday life. Also, if Jeffrey Gitomer yelled at you loud enough you could do more triangle push-ups than Arnold Schwarzenegger training for an Iron Man Triathlon while watching all the Rocky movies.


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