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Ontario Summer Travel Guide


Travelling in the summer can be a daunting task. With so many beautiful places around the world, it seems like an impossible decision to make. One particular area of the world that may not be immediately thought of as a summer destination is Ontario, Canada. Canada is generally thought of as a winter destination because of its cold and snowy winters. But it can be one of the more beautiful and adventurous summer destinations out there. Here is an Ontario Summer Travel Guide for your summer adventures.

Ontario Summer Travel Guide

Niagara Region

If you did not know, the Niagara region, located an hour south of Toronto, is one of the most beautiful areas in Canada. It is best known for its agriculture, particularly its fruit production. If you enjoy food and the outdoors, then this is a perfect destination. There are dozens of small fruit farms you can visit throughout the summer. A notable farm is the DeVries Fruit Farm, which has in-season fruit and also offers strawberry picking in June.

However, this area is most notable for its world-class wineries. It may not receive the same fanfare as places in the United States such as Napa Valley, but Niagara offers a wide variety of excellent wineries. The Konzelmann Estate Winery offers both public and private tours of their wineries as well as a multitude of different tastings. Konzelmann Estate offers a number of great wines, but their best is probably their Vidal Icewine, which can be bought at a reasonable price.


This is perhaps an obvious destination as Toronto is undoubtedly the most famous city in Canada. What makes the city so unique is its multiculturalism. If you are a foodie, then Toronto is arguably the best city in North America to visit. From five star steakhouses to small family-owned Italian restaurants, Toronto has great food from every corner of the world. A few recommendations would be to visit Korea Town which is situated on Bloor just north of Bathurst. This is where you will find some of the best Korean food you have ever tried, and it is only a few blocks from the University of Toronto if you are looking to have a fun night out.

While it is a big city, Toronto still boasts some great nature, particularly on the Toronto Islands, which are situated in Lake Ontario. You can go kayaking on the Lake with a beautiful view of the city’s skyline. Afterward, visit the Distillery District just a few blocks away from the CN Tower.

The food and nightlife are not the only great parts of Toronto. Toronto is well-known for its summer festivals. The two most prominent are the Toronto Pride Parade and Caribana Festival have incredible atmospheres, and there is always something to do. If you enjoy sports, Toronto has two great franchises, the Toronto Blue Jays of the MLB and Toronto Football Club of the MLS, during the summer months.


This is cottage country, and you will not be disappointed with its scenery. Situated a little over an hour north of Toronto, it is a very easy drive. A trip to Muskoka is perfect for anyone that loves the outdoors. There are a number of marinas that a tourist can take their boat to and enjoy fishing, water-skiing, tubing or just spending a day on the water. There are also cottages for rent all over the place with cottages on Georgian Bay being some of the most sought after because of its tranquil scenery.

If you prefer something less aquatic, there are trails all over the place for camping and a number of Zip Lines and Aerial Parks. Do not forget to go wild blueberry picking while you are there. And although it is not known for its golf, there are a plethora of fantastic courses in Muskoka. The most notable courses are Taboo, Deerhurst Highlands and Windemere Golf and Country Club.


A trip to the country’s capital is highly recommended during the summer for any tourist. The city is extremely underrated in the summer, particularly Parliament Building and the Byward Market. Take a trip to Major Hills park and have a drink at Tavern on the Hill, a restaurant overlooking Parliament Building. Or go to the Byward and shop at their fruit and meat market. After, you can grab lunch at one of the many restaurants in the market. A trip to Ottawa without visiting the Canadian National Art Gallery would be a mistake. An inexpensive Gallery, it boasts some of the most well-known Canadian painters ever. With Group of Seven members regularly having their own exhibits.

Last Word on Travelling Ontario

If you are still looking to make summer plans or you are already looking ahead to next year, consider Ontario as your next unique summer destination. For similar articles to this Ontario Summer Travel Guide, check out 48 Hours in Malta.


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