Hearthstone’s Next Set Revealed: The Boomsday Project!

In the year of the Mammoth, we traveled to the steamy, primordial jungles of Un’Goro. We’ve trekked through the scourge-ridden tundra of the Frozen Throne. We traversed in the narrow tunnels of Kobolds and Catacombs. In the year of the Raven, we’ve slain giant monsters in the Witchwood. Now, we are heading towards our next adventure in the wonderful card game of Hearthstone: The Boomsday Project.

On July 10, Blizzard Entertainment announced the second set of this year’s Hearthstone calendar, The Boomsday Project. Based entirely on the region called the Netherstorm, a stormy area within Outland, this is truly a mad scientist’s dream when it comes to thematic fantasy.

Following the current formula of set releases, it will feature over 100 brand new cards, and the potential to unlock cool in-game content!

Second Expansion for the Year of The Raven

New Mechanics and Keywords, With A Scientific Twist

Like any Hearthstone expansion, players will be introduced to new mechanics and playstyles that have never been seen before. First, let’s take a look at the new keyword: Magnetic.

Magnetic is a new keyword exclusive to Mech minions that will allow them to fuse to a minion, or multiple minions, and allow for devastating results. This will combine both minion effects and stats, allowing for a diabolical result that will blow the pants off of your opponent.

And our first minion to showcase the new Magnetic mechanic is Spider Bomb. This card might see some play in midrange decks, especially since Hunter has wonderful synergy with Deathrattle effects. We have yet to see more Magnetic cards from this set, but some Mech cards already in rotation might prove useful. Spider Bomb plus Unpowered Steamboat, use Play Dead spell? Anyone?

Just make sure you play the minion to the left of the card you want to fuse with, otherwise…..it will be pretty awkward. Given that the last expansion to be Mech-heavy was Goblins and Gnomes, it will not only be refreshing to see more Mech minions but to see a potential buff to that minion class as well.

Class is in Session: Group Projects and Huge Finals!

Next stop! The introduction of “Project” cards and Legendary spells.

Project cards will be spells that benefit both players, as displayed by the Druid spell, Biology Project. Granting both players two mana crystals, opening the right cards can lead to a marvelous turn two! There is even a strategy where you can summon Master Oakheart turn 2, giving massive value to the player. We have yet to see more Project spells, but we can only assume they will be game-changing.

As for the Legendary spells, this will be a refresher as the Quest archetype from Un’Goro was the first introduction of Legendary spells. However, the first spell has been revealed: Myra’s Unstable Element. Drawing out the rest of your deck might seem like a double-edged sword, but there might be a meme deck incoming for this card. It is a Rogue class card after all, and Rogue usually has a few tricks up their sleeves. We can only fathom what the remaining legendary spells might do. Until then, our imagination has to do the work for us.

Lastly, the final stop on this adventure is the arrival of Omega cards. Omega cards are normal cards but have powerful effects when the player has 10 mana crystals in their inventory. Our first Omega card is known as Omega Defender. While is a four-cost minion with two attack and six health is nothing to scoff at, it’s true potential will be unleashed when used at 10 mana crystals. In short, it gains 10 attack at 10 mana crystals. 10 attack for two mana? Yes, please!

Wombo Combos and Double Value: New Legendary Minions

Lastly, the two remaining cards that have been revealed are Stargazer Luna and Electra Stormsurge.

Both Mage and Shaman legendary minions respectively, they have valuable effects that could make themselves a home in tempo decks. Stargazer Luna will draw a card when you use the right-most card in your hand. Luna could make herself a spot in either tempo or odd decks and could be coupled with Deck of Wonders or Book of Spectres.

Electra, on the other hand, will allow the player to cast their next spell twice when played. Double Bloodlust, double, Volcano, double Lightning Storm, double Lava Burst, etc. The possibilities are truly endless. Hey, do I smell Shudderwock with this minion? While they are weak in terms of stats, using Luna and Electra will grant the player immense value and reward.

Overall, the cards that have been revealed already seem pretty decent. Hard to say how the meta will pan out, given that how many cards have been revealed. Being in a meta where Paladin and Warlock reign supreme, hopefully, this set will be a clarion call to some players who want change. So many possibilities, so many ideas that can be realized.

Wrapping Up: Bonus Content and Purchase Options

The Boomsday Project will be available August 7 of this year, available in all regions. Pre-orders are available now, but with this set, two options! For $49.99 USD, you can buy 50 Boomsday Project card packs, a random Golden Legendary card from the Boomsday Project expansion, and the Mecha-Jaraxxus card back. But for you big spenders out there, the second option is available for $79.99 USD, but with even bigger bonuses! Players who purchase this option will receive 80 Boomsday Project card packs, a random Golden Legendary card from the Boomsday Project expansion, the Mecha-Jaraxxus card back and……a new hero portrait for Warlock players…..Mecha-Jaraxxus! Warlock players rejoice! Saying either bundle is giving insane value is an understatement.

Last Word on The Boomsday Project

So let’s wrap it up. The Boomsday Project is going to be great. More new mechanics, more cards that will grant you salt for days. What more could you want? In all honesty, this scientific concoction of brilliance is going to be amazing. Hearthstone will definitely see a huge shift, and it’s going to be awesome.


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