An Offer You Can’t Refuse? A Look at Movie Theater Subscription Services

Movie ticket subscription services have had an interesting year, so far. Between lower prices and new competition, these monthly service plans have become more widely used. With all these options, it begs the question, are the monthly movie theater subscription services worth the price?

An Offer You Can’t Refuse? A Look at Movie Theater Subscription Services

There are a few articles talking about how monthly subscription services will be the future of movie theaters or things of that nature. With many choices, how do you know its worth it or which service to get? The idea of these subscriptions plans are definitely unique and is very interesting when you look into them. While there are differences in price ranging from $3.99/month to $19.99/month. While these different plans offer “free” movie tickets, the additional offers that make each plan unique is what you wonder what plan, if any, you should get.

The Overview

As a whole, these plans offer ticket from once a month to once a day. The price for most of the plans is about the price of one movie ticket for most places. So, plan for a ticket a day pays for itself after just one visit, and in some plays is actually cheaper than one movie ticket. Even if the subscription offers fewer tickets per month, there are either additional features or a cheaper price.

However, sometimes additional costs may occur, or there are limitations to the tickets. Most of the limitations are in the form of not being able to see premium, or 3D/IMAX, showings of your movies. There are also the concerns with the theaters that accept your subscription. Some services may not be offered for all theaters.

The Details

With subscription services like MoviePass or Sinemia, multiple pricing options give users more of an option for the number of tickets per month. Sinemia offers plans that include the premium showings, but at most only has three movies a month. Since both of these services don’t have unused tickets carry over, the main thing to determine if these options are worth the cost is the number movie that you will see per month. Also, with both services being the third party, the tickets aren’t restricted to one theater brand, but may not be available at all theaters. You can find maps for available theaters on their respective websites.

For the theater-specific services, like Cinemark’s Movie Club or AMC’s Stubs A-List, their tickets can only be used at their respective theaters. However, they offer additional features, like discounts on concessions. For people that primarily go to these theaters and don’t see as many movies a month, the added discount for concessions may be enticing. These features also work in junction with the other rewards programs they offer, so you can get the most out of your theater experience.

Firsthand Knowledge

While I haven’t used every one of the services, I am still familiar with their use. I have personally enjoyed using the subscription and it has saved me money since I started with it. However, I know that it is not for everyone. For someone who goes to movies frequently, having a subscription service has been beneficial.

Last Word Movie Theater Subscription Services

When looking at movie theater subscription services, its ultimate worth is up to the user. The number of movies they see a year is the ultimate deciding factor for people to consider. While many people may not decide to use them, I feel that these services are a great way to bring people back to the theaters. To the more frequent moviegoers, these subscription services provide an opportunity for the users to save money without having to sacrifice an activity they enjoy.

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