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Top 10 League of Legends Champions That Deserve a Rework

Riot Games‘ crowning jewel, League of Legends, has quite the arsenal of characters to play as. From bloodthirsty Darkin to stealthy Ionians, everyone has their own vibe to which they groove to. Everyone has their own champion that they admire and play nonstop. However, while some characters get a five-star rework and jump into the limelight, other champions sit on the shelf and gather dust, only to be forgotten in the shadows. There are a plethora of champions that need some TLC, and here are the top ten that deserve a long-overdue rework.

League of Legends Champions Who Need Some Changes

1. Mordekaiser

The undead revenant of Noxus Prime, League‘s very own Lich King has a great theme going for him. However, time has not been kind to the iron man. He commands a scourge of dead souls, wields a savage mace in hand, and sits atop his bastion. This sounds great on paper, but his previous rework fell on deaf ears, and was meta for a split second. A quick fix isn’t enough to cover the gaping wound that is his current kit and model.

2. Pantheon

The ruthless warrior of Targon, Pantheon is a paragon of his people. While Pantheon is a force to be reckoned with gameplay wise, Pantheon is about an 11 on the “Needs Help and Fixing” scale. While Pantheon’s thematic fantasy as a Targonian warrior with celestial powers and Herculean strength is brilliant, his model and kit are too linear and stale. Compared to other champions who run top lane, he’s a dull hacksaw. Maybe another fellow Targonian Aspect can lend a helping hand on grooming and cleaning (looking at you Taric).

3. Udyr

Udyr has definitely been a staple jungle champion for quite some time. He’s been successful in certain metas, and useless in others. While he does have a unique playstyle and kit direction, the lack of interaction Udyr has with others is quite appalling. Plus, his model looks severely out of date. He’s originally from Ionia, yet aligns himself with the Freljord. Has animal instincts, but solely fights in hand-to-hand combat. A confusing identity is only something pre-rework Urgot could sympathize with.

4. Caitlyn

A native of Piltover, a master sharpshooter armed with a glam top hat and rifle, Caitlyn has cemented herself as a favorite in the League community. While Caitlyn has been prevalent and useful in many metas, she suffers from a horrible model and animation standpoint. Her campy playstyle is nothing to scoff at, but her charming looks are a bit…yikes. Definitely in need of an upgrade, so everyone can know who theĀ realĀ sheriff is.

5. Zilean

No disrespect to Zilean mains out there, but he is probably one of the worst designed champions in League. With only one damaging spell and no healing or damage mitigation abilities, Zilean is quite the headache. However, granting a teammate an extra life is quite extraordinary. On top of a confusing identity and lore, Zilean is in need of a Galio-style rework.

6. Corki

Corki, Corki, Corki…what an interesting champion. Corki’s problem is similar to pre-rework Warwick: awkward gameplay, less-than-solid kit direction, and horribly uninteractive character lore. The idea of a Yordle as a brave, daring pilot seems great, but the actual product seems lackluster. The mixed damage component of his kit is unique, even though his kit could be more flashy. Yordles need love too once in awhile.

7. Singed

Playing Singed involves about as much interaction as watching paint dry on the wall. The vile, horrendous, crazy, maniacal chemist from Zaun, Singed is probably one of the main memes of League, just because of how you can play him. His kit needs more verve, more direction, and more interaction. As the one who subjected Warwick to horrifying gene-splicing experiments and anatomical reconstruction, you would think Singed would have stellar gameplay as an evil scientist.

8. Malphite

Malphite is truly a cool character; a living, breathing pile of rocks that shakes the earth with each step. His model and kit? Needs some major fixing and polishing. Malphite at the moment does have decent matchups, and can provide massive utility to his team. His identity as a vanguard is rather drab, but he needs some extra “oomph” in his kit and character to truly make him into a titan.

9. Kayle and Morgana

Luckily, the possibility of a dual update looks bright for both Kayle and Morgana. One is an immortal angel of light that passes judgment on all beings. The other is a fallen angel bent on destruction and mayhem so that she may gain redemption. One thing they share in common? They’re both sisters. Kayle and Morgana have seen their fair share of the limelight in previous metas, but a combination of out-of-date lore and poor model/kit execution makes these sisters prime candidates for a long overdue rework.

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