FFBE: Best and Worst Units to Use the Fan Festa Select Tickets On

Many Final Fantasy Brave Exvius players were ecstatic with the announcement that all players would be rewarded with ten special “Fan Festa” select tickets. These tickets allow the players to select one Global Exclusive unit for free – even limited units that are otherwise unavailable. Now, there is much debate on who to use those precious tickets on. While each player may have different needs, there are five definite units players should not use the tickets on, as well as five units that should be highly prioritized.

The Best and Worst Units to Use the Fan Festa Select Tickets On in FFBE

Five Best Units to Use the Fan Festa Select Tickets On


Chow is a big floofy dog. He is a good boy. That alone should make anyone want to use the ticket on. Aside from that, however, there are many other reasons that make Chow the best long-term choice to use their Fan Festa select tickets on. Chow is a magic tank, and there are not many of them in the game. However, what makes Chow rise even above other magic tanks is his utility; he can double as a healer in some situations and restore the party’s MP with his Limit Burst.

As of now, Awakened Rain is considered on a tier of his own as a pure magic tank. It is tough to compare Chow now since he doesn’t get his 7* awakening until next year. However, just comparing their 6* forms, they are pretty similar stat-wise. At the very least, Chow should be on the same level as Awakened Rain when his banner is re-run. But the utility is probably what will push Chow ahead of Awakened Rain. His kit already has a Full-Life, Curaga, and even reraise for himself. If it gets any better, he may be able to take the place of a healer in certain battles, freeing up a spot for a finisher or other party member.

Chow was extremely powerful when he released and will probably reclaim that spot. Since there are still a few months until his banner comes out, even those without one copy can take a chance, use their ticket on him, and hoard until his banner returns. They won’t be disappointed.


For those that don’t want to wait to awaken their Fan Festa unit, Christine is set to get her 7* awakening this week. Like Chow, Christine was a very good unit when she released. For a long time, she was the only other unit that could chain the powerful Chaos Wave family, made famous by everyone’s pink Super Saiyan, Trance Terra. Another great reason to grab Christine is that although she is a limited unit, her banner has not passed this year yet. So those that do not have a copy of her yet can still pull for their first and use their ticket for a second.

Christine is an ice-elemental magic user but requires a few turns to get going. Like pre-7* Trance Terra, she only has dual-casting of her chaining moves after using her Winter Fall ability. This was great to pair with Trance Terra because it allowed elemental chaining of Chaos Wave. Expect her 7* to grant her either triple or quad-cast of her Snow Burial move. She should also get regular ability awakenings to bring her up to par with the current meta.

A good strategy to use with Christine is to hold off on using the Fan Festa select tickets on her until after the banner is over. Some players may have good luck and pull multiple of her on one 10+1. Other players might not be so lucky and miss out. If that is the case, the ticket can be used on someone else.

Grim Lord Sakura

Grim Lord Sakura is another limited time unit who makes the list, although her banner has already passed. Like Christine, Grim Lord Sakura is part of the Chaos Wave chaining family. While she does not get to quad-cast her ability, she does have access to triple-cast every single turn, something that gives her appeal in long-term battles. The Grim Lord also has a few other utility abilities, like having some elemental coverage, break resistance, and even a reraise ability.

Grim Lord Sakura is an interesting unit in that her trust master reward is a scythe, but is classified as a two-handed spear. This makes her a rare TDH magic user. This is both a blessing and a curse. It frees up rods and materia for other magic users, but also prevents her from taking advantage of powerful Rod Mastery, or Dark Bond materia.

It also could give players more of a reason to pull her. If they somehow pulled three of her during her banner, grabbing a fourth would yield her Super Trust Master Reward (STMR), Grim Brilliance, giving her a 50% boost to magic and spirit when single wielding. For players with either one or three copies of Grim Lord Sakura, using their Fan Festa select ticket is no brainer.


All hail the ice queen! Fryevia is one of the few units who are not limited time that is worth spending the Fan Festa select ticket on. Fryevia has been around for a while, but as a hybrid, she is a useful unit for both beginners and seasoned veterans. When Fryevia first came out, she made trials like Aigaion a joke. Her versatility is built for magic, attack, dual wield, or doublehand and makes her easy to gear. Plus, she gets a special ability, Aurora Storm, that is available when paired with her other form, Aurora Fryevia.

Fryevia is a great hybrid option because of her ice elemental attacks and imperils. However, she also has a few other great abilities as well. Saber Flange dispels enemies, and she keeps herself sustainable with Osmose Blade. Those that have three copies of her may consider using their ticket for a fourth since her STMR is extremely useful for any hybrid character.


Zargabaath. ZarGod. Zarga-needs-a-bath. When he first came into the game, many players were disappointed that it was not Gabranth. However, once they stopped laughing and giving him nicknames, players realized that Zargabaath is actually a really good unit. He has great all-around stats and a very versatile kit. He can double as both an evade tank and a buffer. Zargabaath fell out of favor when units like Maritime Strategist Nichol came out, but he came back with a vengeance with his 7* upgrade.

Now, he can alternate between cooldown abilities that grant elemental coverage and boost the party’s stats. After using his cooldowns, he can double-cast most of his moves, including the ultra-useful Rejuvenate. When fully awakened, the move heals HP and MP and also casts reraise on a unit. This can give sustainability to the party, and even take the place of a healer in some cases. From there, Zargabaath can do regular buffer things, like damage mitigation, and resistance to certain status ailments.

Zargabaath’s big stats and overall versatility make him a worthy choice to use the Fan Festa select tickets on if players do not want to go the limited unit path.

**Kryla’s 7* kit was announced after this article was written. For an in-depth look at why she is also a good choice for the Fan Festa Select Summon ticket, click here.**

Five Worst Units to Use the Fan Festa Select Tickets On


Olive has had her time to shine, but those days are gone. When she was first released, she was one of the first units to take advantage of doublehand, doing massive damage without dual wielding. In that same vein, she was also one of the first useful finishers, blowing right through enemies with her True Shot ability. At 7* she has a move that deals a ton of damage, but KOs herself. She is a unit that has found usefulness going against the grain, which may tempt players to do the same and use the Fan Festa tickets on her. Don’t do it.

Olive still has some use against enemies weak to lightning or machines. But that is about it. As a finisher, she can boast some high attack power, but she just doesn’t have the opportunity to use it much. Finishers are fun units to use, but unfortunately there just isn’t much opportunity to do so in tough trials that require buffers, tanks, healers, and chainers. Even as a finisher she falls behind many other characters. Her limited utility sadly puts Olive in the top spot for worst decision for players to use their Fan Festa ticket on.

Seaside Nichol

Summer came and went in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, and it looked like the much-requested male swimsuit units were not going to make it into the game this year. However, the announcement finally came in late September. Better late than never! Seaside Nichol and Aloha Lasswell were the featured 5* units. While both are solid units, neither is really worth rostering in parties. Aloha Lasswell’s TMR may help him stay out of the worst decisions for the Fan Festa select ticket, there are really no redeeming qualities for Seaside Nichol.

He does some of the same things that Maritime Strategist Nichol does, like damage mitigation, MP restoration, and some elemental protection, but he lacks offensive buffs, cutting into his usefulness. He does have a few niche abilities, like “Snap out of it!” which cures charm, but it is not enough to make him worthy of using the Fan Festa select summon ticket on. Since he is in the pool forever, he is someone players should have no trouble waiting to pull on.


The only limited-time unit to make this list is Lucius. Lucius was a Halloween unit and turned out to really be the worst of the bunch. He has a kit that initially looks alright, including innate dual-wielding, fist mastery, and charm resistance. He can also chain with the Aureole Ray, Octoslash, and Kingsglaive families. Unfortunately, none of those are particularly used. Aureole Ray is common in the arena, and Kingsglaive is basically unique to Nyx. Anyone using Nyx is probably using him as a finisher.

Other weaknesses he has are a lack of elemental imperils and good fist weapons. He can fix that by equipping an elemental sword and partnering with a unit who imperils, but it will always make him a second fiddle character. In addition to that, he is a dual wield character, which just doesn’t hang in today’s true doublehand meta. Again, Lucius isn’t a horrible character, but he isn’t great either. Even players with only one hoping to awaken him to 7* should just leave him be on the bench.


Another kind of “spooky” unit, Ellesperis is a fan-created Hemomancer character. Her design and kit are very unique, and she can be very fun to use. Unfortunately, this is also her downfall. She falls into the “self-damaging” unit categories, making her tricky to use for most top-end content. Each of her chaining moves deal at least 20% damage to herself, and as a doublehand unit, she will be using each move twice in a turn. She has her uses against demons and humans, but even that will make her tough to roster.

Ellesperis trust master is a katana, but it is nonelemental. This severely limits her usefulness, since players will be forced to either imbue her with an element or attempt to constantly spark chain. At only 140 attack, it is really lacking compared to other katanas like Masamune, which also has a doublehand passive. Ellesperis finds some redemption in that she chains with the huge Divine Ruination family, as well as the Octoslash family, but it just isn’t enough to make up for all her pitfalls. Do not use a Fan Festa select summon ticket on her.


This one was a tough decision. At this point in the game, Yun has not gotten his 7* awakening, so he could be a beast when he does. The problem is that the Chinese New Year banner is set to return after the deadline to use the select ticket. While previously bad Halloween units Dracu Lasswell and Demon Rain saw redemption with their 7* awakenings this year, will Yun get the same treatment? This makes using the ticket and hoping that his kit is good a huge gamble.

First off, Yun’s appeal is that he is riding a Chocobo. After that, his appeal really ends. Yun is an older unit though and is in serious need of an upgrade. He has some abilities that let him charge his attack for next turn, and then attack multiple times. But, he doesn’t have any chaining family moves. There is no doubt that Gumi will add some to his 7* kit, but which families he will get is a huge question mark. The risk of Yun staying completely useless makes him a poor choice for players to use their valuable select ticket on.

Last Word on FFBE Fan Festa Select Tickets

It is tough to lay out a universal answer to players questions on who the best is to choose with the special select summon tickets. This decision should not be rushed since it is probably the only time players get this opportunity. It makes sense for other payers to seek advice from the community, but in the end,  it is a personal choice. There are however some units who probably should not be chosen due to their outdated or lackluster kit. Others should be strongly considered due to their spot in the meta.

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Who to Use the Fan Festa Select Tickets On?

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