FFBE Kryla a Good Choice for Fan Festa Select Summon Ticket

Time is running out! Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (FFBE) players only have until January 31st to use their special Fan Festa Select Summon tickets. These were rewarded for attendees completing activities during the Fan Festa that occurred back in December 2018. The tickets allow players to select one Global Exclusive unit that was released in the game. Most of these units were only available for a limited time, making the decision on who to choose very difficult. Kryla is one unit who is worth choosing, due to her great role as a breaker and her overall utility. She will have a spot on squads for a long time.

We already went over five units that would be good to choose, and five units that would not be as good to choose with the Fan Festa Select Summon. Check it out here.

FFBE Kryla an Excellent Unit to use the Fan Festa Select Summon Ticket On

Her 7* Version is Future-Proof

Kryla is a pretty easy choice for the Fan Festa Select Summon Ticket if a player was only able to pull one copy of her. Getting a second one will allow them to awaken her to 7*, where she truly shines. She will be a top-tier breaker for a very long time in Global.

First off, her cooldown move Calamity Brew is a 70 percent full break that hits all enemies. Seventy percent is a huge amount that very few characters have, and to top it off, the fact that it hits all enemies makes crowd control a lot easier. Kryla works on more than just stat breaking though. Impending Doom is another cooldown ability she gets at 7*. This one is not available until turn six but decreases resistance to all elements by 60 percent for one enemy. Then, it gives her access to Eye of Doom. This is a pretty nifty move, which deals 150,000 fixed damage to an enemy. It will come in handy for some battles.

Kryla’s other cooldown that is available the first turn of battle is Dark Anathema. This gives Kryla a whopping 170 percent spirit boost for five turns and removes all ATK/MAG/DEF/SPR debuffs. The best part is that it gives her access to Jinx–Anti-Defense Pot, and Jinx–Anti-Offense Pot for six turns. These moves can then be Dualcasted to allow her continuous full breaks. But that’s not all. Dark Anathema grants Kryla Witchcraft+, which lets her Dualcast almost all of her abilities, not just her Jinx ones.

Last but not least for Kryla’s 7* form is her Limit Burst, Mambo Hodge-podge. It gets a pretty sweet upgrade with all kinds of stuff attached to it. First off, it has a 14.8x modifier when maxed and deals spirit scaling damage. With her spirit pretty easy to build, it can deal some pretty good damage. In addition to that, it has an 89 percent chance to dish out five random status ailments and even stop an opponent. This will not work on most big bosses but gives some potential as arena cancer. Again, that is not all it does. She gets access to Cursed Eye, another fixed damage move. This one deals 50,000 damage to an enemy for three turns.

At 6* She is Still Very Good

There are many players who do not have one copy of any of the time-limited Global Exclusive units. Some people will be happy even getting just one of these guys with their tickets and keeping them at 6*. For those players, Kryla is still a good option. Her 6* kit after enhancements is still very good.

Her enhancements revolve around her Jinx–Sap skills. At 6* she has four of them, each a single target ability that breaks one of the four major stats for an enemy. When fully enhanced, each one debuffs their respective stat by 65 percent. The best part of them is that they last for a whopping five turns. This frees her up to do other things like elemental imperils.

Her other Jinx Abilities are three different “Brew” moves. Emberfrost decreases fire and ice resistance, Geysershock imperils lightning and water, and Cycloseismic weakens enemies to wind and earth. This gives her coverage to all but dark and light elements. Each of these abilities also has a 3x modifier and scales to spirit. (At 7*, these increase to 4x modifiers.)

What is great about all of these Jinx moves is that her Witchcraft ability allows for any of them to be Dualcasted. This means players can either choose to break both SPR/DEF or ATK/MAG in a turn. Or, to help one-shot mobs, they could go with elemental physical chainers and get Kryla to both break the enemy’s defense and imperil the element the same turn.

Other Utility

Unlike most top-tier breakers, Kryla has some more utility than others like Heavenly Technician Lid. Kryla’s spirit scaling moves and longer lasting breaks after enhancements allow her to vary up her rotation more than some. Recently, a few damage dealing breakers like Loren and 2B have come around, but the options are still relatively limited. Kryla won’t deal quite as much damage as them but has some perks that they do not.

One interesting and unique ability she has is Nullifying Chant. This move basically acts as a double dispel that removes all status effects, both positive and negative, from all enemies and the entire party. This could have some uses for times when party members are berserked, but it will be tricky to use since it basically resets buffs and debuffs.

Kryla has some pretty nice passives that raise her usefulness too. Anti-Magic Aura gives her 15 percent resistance to all elements. This can make her easier to gear up in battles where elemental coverage is necessary. Unnatural Beauty is useful for players that plan to use her as a damage dealer. It grants her human and fairy killer.

Of course, she also gets a few fixed damage abilities. The aforementioned Eye of Doom and Cursed Eye are available only at 7*, but Hex Eye and Wicked Eye are available even at 6*. Hex Eye is 10,000 fixed damage for three turns. Wicked Eye is unlocked using her 6* Limit Burst and deal 20,000 fixed damage. This could be useful against certain enemies like the 3* Carbuncle Esper battle.

Last Word on Kryla

With so many great options, but only one choice, it is a tough decision for many players on who to use their FFBE Fan Festa Select Summon ticket on. A good choice is a limited time unit that players were only able to get one copy of. Kryla can fit that mold very well, and her kit as a breaker gives her long-term life on any player’s party. More casual players who do not have single copies of any of the limited time units still might consider dropping their precious tickets on her, as she is still very good for a 6* unit.

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