FFBE Content to Look Forward to in 2019

2019 has officially dawned and now many players are looking forward to what content is coming in their favorite mobile game, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (FFBE). Since the game is moving into its third year, players are wondering how the developers plan to keep the game fresh, while rewarding its longtime players at the same time. Some new additions like Trust Coins will do just that. There are also some major Quality of Life improvements coming that show the team is listening to its players. Of course, FFBE also sticks to what makes it so great and will add many new trial bosses to take on this year.

This is part two of a look at FFBE Content for 2019. For a sneak peek at units arriving this year, click here.

FFBE Content Coming in 2019

Trust Coins

One of the most looked forward to content additions to the game is the Trust Coin Mixer system. Trust coins allow players to exchange their units with 100% trust for coins that can then be used to purchase some extremely valuable items. One item is a Trust Master Reward (TMR) Container. These are valuable for things like the most recent Kingdom Hearts raid event. Say a player has enough Cloud’s Cloak Moogles to get the Trust Master Reward, but the player didn’t actually pull the Kingdom Hearts Cloud. Well, the player can fuse their 100% Cloud’s Cloak Moogle into the TMR Container, and voila, the TMR is theirs.

Other items that will be even more sought-after will be Unit Prisms for limited time units. It can be very disappointing to chase a character like Grim Lord Sakura, or even Sora, but come up with only one copy of them. This is because two copies are needed to make them 7*. Luckily, these Unit Prisms will substitute for the duplicate character.

It should be noted that these items will not be easy to obtain. For one, at least in the Japanese version, items are restocked and swapped out every three months. This is good for things like the TMR Container being restocked, but it also means that no one really knows when the specific Unit Prism for the unit they want will be available. Also, the good stuff is not cheap. Players can get things like stat pots for a couple hundred coins, but the TMR Container will cost a whopping 10,000 coins. Unit Prisms are a bit more reasonable at 5,000 coins.

As far as the exchange rate goes, a 5* unit will yield 500 coins, a 4* gives 200, and a 3* unit is worth 100 coins. Keep in mind that their trust must be at 100%, and that Friend Point units and units given in raid summons also don’t count. Still, it is an exciting feature that should get to Global early in the year.

Quality of Life Improvements

Stat Details

Aside from Trust Coins, Global is set to see several Quality of Life improvements early in the year. Many of them were officially announced at the Fan Festa, but they are worth going over here. For one, there will be separate unit slots for battle and enhancement units. Many players struggle mightily with inventory space, especially when they hoard things like stat pots and Cactuars so they can immediately max out a character they are waiting for. With this addition, the current unit slots will be reserved solely for characters used in battle. Then, another tab will be created to hold Cactuars, Moogles, Gil Snappers, and pots. Also, a “Sell All” option will be introduced to take time off of manually going through all those Gil Snappers after a big raid summon.

Another great feature coming soon has to do with stat buffs and debuffs. First, we get details in battle on how long they will last. This takes away some of the turn counting players have to do to keep track of all the various abilities used, including magic and physical covers, elemental imperils and imbues. In addition to that, players will get to see more specific stat increases equipment and materia give. Now, players are forced to look online to get the exact numbers on how much True Doublehand percentage equipment provides, or how much percentage a materia increases a character’s attack by when wielding a certain type of weapon.

Miscellaneous Improvements/Additions

Other miscellaneous improvements to the game will be arena orb refill timers, so that players know exactly when they can battle again, just like raids. Also, Global will get something even the Japanese version doesn’t have: consumable items that restore raid orbs. Now, there are items that restore energy or Steel Castle Melfikya orbs, but not for raids. This will be a welcome addition to the game. Finally, players will have the option to link their accounts through Google, rather than Facebook. Using Facebook as a means to safeguard player data has long been the bane of many players’ time with the game.

Finally, Super Trust Master Rewards (STMR) Moogles will be added to the game. These were introduced around the third anniversary of the game on the Japanese end, so they’re still a ways away. Also, they are still extremely rare, so players shouldn’t get too excited. Nevertheless, they will be welcomed, since getting one copy of a 7* eligible character is tough enough, let alone four. Most players would be wise to use these Moogles on a limited unit no longer available since they are really the only way to get that particular STMR.

While on the topic of STMRs, it is worth mentioning that at some point, 7* units will be able to activate their trust ability by equipping their STMR in addition to the regular TMR. This gives more options for equipping units since some TMRs are pretty outdated.

Expert/Parameter Missions

Yet another great addition to Global coming in 2019 are Expert and Parameter Missions. These are missions that give players awesome rewards based on fulfilling certain goals like going over a specific attack number, or awakening a certain number of units. A detailed list of what the Japanese version got can be found here.

Basically, the Parameter Missions have two tiers to surpass. The first should be easy for most veteran players, but the second could be a challenge for almost anyone. One example is the HP challenge. Clearing a quest with a 14,000+ HP unit will yield a materia that grants a 30% HP increase and nullifies paralyze. Not too tough. However, the next tier forces players to clear a quest with a 25,500+ HP unit. This will reward players with a 50% HP, 10% DEF/SPR materia.

The Expert Missions are a bit more straightforward. These give rewards based on how many units players awaken to 7*. The first few give a 5* ticket, some select summon tickets and a ton of gil. Then, the rewards go straight to providing select summon tickets up until a player awakens 100 units to 7*. The final reward is the accessory Origin Ring. It gives a 20% HP/MP boost as well as a 30% ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR. Keep in mind however that these rewards could be different in Global.


Dark Espers II

Moving on to actual playable content, there are plenty of awesome “highly difficult” trial bosses coming up in 2019. One of the tougher bosses will be the Dark Espers II. Many veteran players will vividly remember the difficulty of the first Dark Espers, Siren and Ifrit. These enemies dealt massive damage in addition to bad status ailments. At the time, most players resorted to just “cheesing” the trial by using two Orlandeau to one-shot Ifrit turn one, and then Siren turn two. Players without Orlandeau didn’t have much of a chance.

This time around, things will be a little more complicated. Instead of Siren and Ifrit, players will have to deal with Shiva and Golem. Last time, both espers were weak to physical light damage as well as their opposite element. This time neither is weak to light, but still to their opposite element. This means Shiva is weak to fire, and Golem to wind. Still, it gets more complex. Golem is weak to magic damage and strong against physical. Shiva is weak to physical damage but strong against magic. And wait, there’s more. In true tank form, Golem cast a physical cover move every turn. This means that the best strategy is to take out Golem first with magic, and then Shiva with physical damage.

From there, players will need to prepare for earth, ice, and dark damage as well as status inflictions like sleep, confusion, and stop. Players can bring a magic tank with elemental resistance and bypass the rest of the party’s elemental coverage if they want to free up some spots for more damage dealers or buffers. Details of this fight and strategy can be found here. The Dark Espers battle should be coming to Global really soon.

Scorn of Gilgamesh

Another trial that will bring back memories for longtime players is the Scorn of Gilgamesh. The original Gilgamesh was one of the first really challenging battles that tested players’ party and equipment. This was mostly due to players having to “seal” Gilgamesh’s many attacks. He covered a ton of elemental attacks and also used a single-target death ability. Players had to gear up with a myriad of elemental weapons, and also take advantage of equipment like the Genji Shield or Safety Bit.

Here, Gilgamesh returns with his rainbow of elemental attacks that must be sealed but takes it to a whole new level. This time players will deal with him countering both physical and magic attacks, making taking him down even trickier. There are a few ways to deal with the elemental sealing, including bringing Seabreeze Dark Fina’s STMR, Rainbow Whip, or even using items. Check out some strategies for taking on Gilgamesh here.

New Series Boss Trials

In the Global version of FFBE, they are down to the last three Chamber of Arms bosses. It is no surprise then that the Japanese version is done with these, and has already moved on to a new type of challenge. The new challenges to look forward to are the final boss battles from the Final Fantasy series. The cool thing about these is that the stats for characters from the original game the boss is from will be increased. Also, clearing the trial will unlock new abilities for units from that game.

The first one that was introduced was Final Fantasy V’s Neo Exdeath. Bringing characters like the currently unreleased Light Warrior Bartz or Dark Mage Exdeath is a good idea since their stats are increased. Then clearing gets passives like LB fill and damage increases, as well as some chaining moves. Even older units like Gilgamesh get new abilities.

Currently, there are only two of these trials in the Japanese version; the FFBE original boss, and Chaotic Darkness. Clearing this trial gives new abilities to many of the CG units. Another nice bonus for beating these trials is that some of the clear rewards are Trust Coins. Keep in mind that these trials are still a bit of a way off in Global.

Last Word on New FFBE Content For 2019

With a new year comes a ton of new content to look forward to in FFBE. Luckily, the Japanese version gives some insight on what to expect and lets players start to get ready for what is to come. One big thing Global players are getting a jump on is Trust Coins. Many have a ton of 100% trust units stockpiled simply from fusing duplicates. Those troll Shadows and Bedile can finally come in handy!

Aside from that, there are many Quality of Life improvements coming, like more specifics for buff/debuff duration during battle, and the ability to see exactly how much equipment or materia increases stats. Parameter and Expert missions will award veteran players with valuable items, materia, and equipment. Finally, there are a lot of new trial bosses to look forward to, like Dark Espers II and Neo Exdeath

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