Spider-Man: Far From Home

Marvel Nails It Again With Spider-Man: Far From Home SPOILER FREE

The latest edition of the MCU is out and after a very good review for Avengers: Endgame, Marvel looked to keep the momentum going with Spider-Man: Far From Home. They managed to do exactly that as this movie was an entertaining flick from start to finish. Showing great character growth along with drama and excitement. Here is a spoiler-free Far From Home analysis.

Spider-Man: Far From Home Nails It

Character Development

This movie is an excellent example of showing how Marvel can nail character development when they want to. Spider-Man is still dealing with the death of Tony Stark. However, he is also trying to live a normal life and work through it. As a kid who has recently seen his hero die, Parker must find a way to be a better person every day.

Throughout the movie, he learns valuable lessons in not only his personal life but as a hero too. Parker continuously grows and while he has his fair share of downs in the movie, he always seems to find a way back up. The development of Spider-Man from more than just a kid to a hero is a great adventure to watch.


The action scenes in this movie are also very well done. With many of the action scenes involving villains, Spider-Man has time to show off all kinds of moves. These scenes also include explosions and crashes of all kind. If you like action, this is a movie for you.

Always keeping you on the edge of your seat, the movie has a way of making sure you’re not going to know what comes next. It succeeds in finding new and improved ways for Spider-Man to use his powers and become a better hero. The effects on Mysterio are also very well done. Looking realistic for a Super Hero movie, it provides an incredibly entertaining experience all around.

Not knowing what is coming next in any of the fight scenes, Far From Home provides a thrilling two-hour movie with not a ton of downtime. When Parker is not fighting villains, he is usually in the middle of some kind of humor with his class or others.

Supporting Cast

The supporting cast in this movie is very strong. Far From Home does a good job of trying to build up backstories and actual development for more than a few of the supporting cast. It gives them a little more airtime so that when things happen it makes sense.

The cast is used perfectly to add tension at the right times, but also to take away tension through comedic effect. One-liners and jokes are plenty in this film. It was nice to see Marvel put some effort into more than just one or two side characters.┬áThe bigger supporting cast of Nick Fury and Mysterio was also well done. Once again, building emotions and helping Spider-Man is a great thing to see. It wasn’t all about the main hero but rather focused on lots of people.

While this movie isn’t a “romance” by any means, there is some love interest in it. It’s pretty typical Super Hero stuff but does feel different than lots of the rest. Some MCU movies feel forced in their relationships, but this one doesn’t near as much.

Maybe it is because Parker is much younger than most heroes in the MCU so it doesn’t feel the same. However, the relationship that is built up through the story is a nice one to see. It adds to Parker trying to balance a teenage lifestyle and being a Super Hero. Keeping it a secret is one of the better parts of the movie, seeing everything he will go through to try and hide his identity.

Post-Credit Scenes

The post-credit scenes are things you must stay to watch. Easily the craziest ones the MCU has released, this helps set up what fans may expect for Phase 4 of the MCU. While they somewhat undercut parts of the movie, the overall reaction in the theatre is almost the same every time. Shock and awe trying to figure out what happened.

Overall: Spider-Man: Far From Home

This movie was very well done. A good balance of comedy, action, relationships, and character developments makes this a very strong movie worth watching. Wrapping up an incredibly emotional Phase 3 in the MCU, it does a good job at planning for phase 4.

While most of the movie isn’t about phase 4, it does a good job showing how people like Parker are adapting to a world without Tony Stark or Captain Rodgers. The growth of Spider-Man is a very good thing to see and if Marvel puts that much effort into developing characters in every movie, they will be fine. If you have two hours to spare, go and watch this movie.

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