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Entrepreneur Jordan Quinn Advocates Influence of Social Media

While social media is often used to share cool updates and photos with friends and family, more and more it’s become an essential piece of the business marketing strategy. Someone who is very familiar with the importance of this topic is Jordan Quinn. The 26-year-old Canadian is the founder of socialQ – an influencer marketing agency with clients in Canada and the United States.

Jordan Quinn Speaks About Importance of Social Media

Well-Defined Niche Focus a Key to Business Success

Quinn launched the company in February of 2018 and since it’s creation, socialQ has led more than 500 successful influencer campaigns with some of the world’s largest brand names. The company has worked with fortune 500 companies such as Walmart, Canadian Tire, McDonald’s, Amazon and Disney – to name just a few.

“At socialQ we proactively and re-actively manage 25 mommy and daddy bloggers,” Quinn points out.

“Having a niche focus on mommy bloggers is undoubtedly what sets us apart. In Toronto specifically, I would say I have five direct competitors in the influencer space, none of which focus their attention on a specific market,” she noted.

Notable Accomplishments

Quinn holds a degree in English Language & Literature from Western University and a post graduate diploma in Public Relations and Corporate Communications from Centennial College. After completing her studies at Centennial College, she landed a job as a digital coordinator. Another accomplishment Quinn is proud of is that she wrote a book in 2007 entitled Korkscrewed – which was published in 2018 that chronicled the details of her old dating game.

Looking back, Quinn points out that while she enjoyed her job as a digital coordinator, she had the yearning to start her own company. And despite her initial anxiety, in February of 2018, Quinn launched SocialQ.

“At first, I had one influencer and I was the only manager. Fast forward less than two years and socialQ manages over 25 of the country’s most influential players in the parenting category and the work is split between four talent managers. We also recently expanded into the United States,” she said.

Blogs and Social Media Key Sources for Information for Consumers

Quinn is quick to speak about the importance of blogs and social media in terms of providing information to young mothers and parents.

“Mommy bloggers are the OG influencers. Products are ever changing in the parenting space from toys, to cribs, foods to strollers. This constant change creates demand for these types of influencers. I’d go so far as to suggest that a lot of first time moms turn to blogs, perhaps more so than their own mothers, for the latest and greatest in toys, books, gadgets, foods etc.,” she noted.

“Mommy bloggers prioritize their kids before all else, including work. I always feel like a great asset to busy moms, whether their blog or Instagram is their full-time gig or side hustle. We get to handle the business side and they can focus on the content creation.”

The Big Picture

Quinn describes herself as a hardworking, kind-hearted, creative individual with an ignited entrepreneurial spirit. She notes that while she has a lot on the go, it all takes a back seat to family. Looking at the big picture, she’s happy to be in a career that enables her to work with young families and combine that with her passion for social media.

As she looks ahead, Quinn sees continued growth and success for her company. “With Instagram constantly evolving, it’s hard to predict exactly where socialQ will be next year, let alone five years from now,” she said.

“My hope is to be nimble and flexible enough to change with the tides, and always creating a space for brands to partner with the talent I represent in a meaningful, productive and mutually beneficial manner. I see further U.S. growth in the future.”

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