Jurassic World Dominion

In the words of John Hammond “Welcome to Jurassic Park”. But this is no ordinary Jurassic Park film. On Thursday, Universal Pictures debuted the new trailer for the latest installment of this franchise: Jurassic World Dominion.

The trailer has done a great job of showing everything we love about the Jurassic brand is to return for the latest installment. The Jurassic World Dominion trailer gives us 2 minutes and 51 seconds of dinosaurs wreaking havoc, Chris Pratt chasing those dinosaurs, and plenty of nods to the previous Jurrasic films. In terms of the cast, we have new cast members joining this gargantuan franchise – but we also see the return of much-loved actors Sam NeillLaura Dern, and Jeff Goldblum.

Jurassic World Dominion Announcement

A touching inclusion in the trailer is the voiceover of the character John Hammond (Richard Attenborough). “I wanted to show them something that wasn’t an illusion, something that was real, something they could see and touch.” Including these lines encapsulates all that Jurassic Park is about (the dreams of John Hammond). But as previous installments have shown, nothing runs smoothly in the world of dinosaurs.

In a recent interview with Business Insider Australia, Jeff Goldblum briefly touched on the Jurassic Park reunion with Sam Neill and Laura Dern. He hinted at some great upcoming scenes involving the three of them, including some prehistoric creatures not seen before.

Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow returns as director for the new installment – assisted by Steven Spielberg, Frank Marshall, and Alexandra Derbyshire as executive producers.

A new addition behind the scenes to the franchise is Emily Carmichael, who has helped Trevorrow craft this latest installment in the franchise.

Jeff Goldblum, as Dr. Ian Malcolm returns with his comedic one-liners, one of which occurs in the trailer when about the dinosaurs he says, “Bigger … why do they always have to go bigger?”

In terms of the dinosaurs, there will be a change. Dinosaurs will appear in Dominion via animatronics than the CGI used for the more recent Jurassic Park films. In Jeff Goldblum’s interview with Business Insider Australia, he hinted that animatronics – will improve the film – because the cast can interact with them and see them with their own eyes.

The strength of this franchise is being shown by Universal releasing the film exclusively to cinemas on June 10th.

Dominion is the sixth installment of this generational franchise. The trailer promises plenty of adrenaline-filled chases the return of much-loved characters. We will see dinosaurs wreaking havoc in all weathers, including SNOW!

The Covid-19 pandemic is threatening to change the way we watch films. The Jurassic Park franchise has grossed $5 billion since the original installment in 1993.

The Jurrasic franchise is a powerhouse, and this film could help bring some life back into cinemas and bring back some normalcy to the movie world lost during the pandemic. There is no substitute for seeing a dinosaur roar on a giant screen – streaming services cannot re-create that scenario.

Dominion promises to bring us nostalgia, mixed brilliantly with adrenaline-filled chases. No film brings people together like a Jurrasic Park film.

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