Peaky Blinders Season 6 Episode 5

Peaky Blinders Season 6 Episode 5

Episode 4 of Peaky Blinders left viewers in shock after Tommy received a devastating diagnosis from the doctor. Alongside the death of Ruby and the funeral of Polly in the opening episode of this season, things in Peaky Blinder land have become pretty bleak. As we go through the episodes week by week, it has felt like a storm is brewing – and it is set to explode in the sixth and final Peaky Blinders episode next week. Unquestionably, Peaky Blinders Season 6, Episode 5 has continued the trend.

Peaky Blinders Season 6 Episode 5

An Eventful Season 6 Penultimate Episode

Episode 5 began with a family meeting at The Garrison where Tommy introduced his son Duke to the rest of the Shelby clan – leaving wife Lizzie less than impressed by the news. By introducing Duke to the family, it felt Tommy was preparing for the future of the Shelby clan. Tommy and his son share a moment later in the episode which left no doubt that Duke will be heavily involved in the Peaky Blinders franchise in the future.

With Tommy reeling from his shocking medical diagnosis, he is seemingly in a state of clarity that comes across as chilling when he responds to jibes from Oswald Mosley regarding the suitability of Lizzie as a wife. “Lizzie Doesn’t deserve me.” Tommy quickly clarifies for the dark hearts of Mosley, Jack and Lady Mitford at the dinner table: “She doesn’t deserve what I will become. Truth is, I belong at this table with fuckers like you. Could there be a sadder end?” 

You could interpret this as Tommy giving up, but it comes through as him developing clarity in the face of adversity. He has undoubtedly accepted the medical diagnosis from the doctor. But he is seemingly more determined than ever to crush the fascists and anyone else that could bring harm to any of his family members.

Tommy and his love for his family is seen in spades during this episode with the introduction of Duke and the appreciation of his doting wife Lizzie, but none more so than when he terrorizes the owners of a local opium den who keep feeding Arthurs addiction. He enters the premises and puts a heavy opened briefcase on the table so the shop owners can see the ticking bomb ready to explode in 4 minutes. 

Tommy demands all their opium and will only then allow them to continue trading so long as they cooperate. There is no doubting his medical diagnosis is making the path he is walking a dangerous one for anyone who gets in his way. As Tommy leaves with the opium, the relieved couple appears to think the bomb was a fake. As Tommy crosses the canal bridge, he drops the briefcase in the canal. The couple in the opium premises quickly learn the one thing that we all know: Tommy Shelby does not bluff!

Finn is back on our screens this episode alongside his new wife, Mary. We also see another familiar face return; the estranged wife of Arthur, Linda Shelby. Can she be the savior Arthur so desperately needs to turn his life around? Linda meets Tommy in a church, where Tommy convinces a reluctant Linda to return and be the savior of her husband. 

Tommy convinces Linda to return by promising a donation of £10,000 to her Quaker foundation, which convinces her to return and help her struggling husband through God’s work – and nothing else.

This engaging episode felt like a prelude to war. We witnessed a plethora of plot-lines building into the last episode. Tommy is hellbent on bringing down the fascists from the inside. We watched Tommy becoming involved with one fascist in particular. 

Jack Nelson is seemingly desperate to double-cross Tommy, and he seems to have an informant leading into next week’s inevitable showdown. What role will Duke have in the finale next week; leading into the already announced upcoming Peaky Blinders film? Can Linda help repair Arthur so he can help Tommy?

Seeing Michael and his promise at the end of this episode, will he fulfill his promise of taking down Tommy?

Where is our favorite Camden mobster Alfie Solomans? Will he return in the last episode?

The stage is set – for a gun-slinging roller-coaster last episode. Make sure you are all ready for the finale this Sunday!

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