Peaky Blinders Season 6 Episode 4

Peaky Blinders Season 6 Episode 4 Review

Last week’s Peaky Blinders episode centred around Tommy‘s efforts to save his daughter Ruby from the deadly curse stalking his daughter. Unfortunately for the Shelbys – despite Tommy’s best efforts – Ruby was pronounced dead at the end of last week’s episode.

Episode 4 is a sorrowful hour that rivals episode one’s depiction of Polly Gray‘s death.

Peaky Blinders Season 6 Episode 4 Review

A Sorrowful Hour

No one should ever have to say goodbye to their child, but Tommy and Lizzie are faced with the horror of saying goodbye to their beloved daughter. As the carriage carrying Ruby’s body is ready to be set on fire by Isiah, Lizzie lets out a horrific cry of pain. Following a tender moment between Tommy and Lizzie over their daughter’s casket, Tommy vows revenge for her death. 

The next scene shows a gypsy family living in the woods; they are startled by the sound of screeching tyres. The camera soon cuts to a murderous looking Tommy as he marches towards the gypsy, Evadne Boswell, who he blames for cursing his daughter. As Tommy exacts revenge, he sinks to his knees and begins to grieve for the loss of his daughter.

One moment in this episode between Esme and Tommy results in a shocking revelation that could impact Tommy’s plans for the Shelby family. Just who is Esme telling Tommy about, and how will this impact Tommy’s hopes for taking out the fascists? We will give you one hint: a new actor is joining the final two episodes, and his name is Conrad Khan, and his character’s name is Duke.

During this episode, there was a vital scene between Tommy and Arthur. As they both sat in a wine cellar, Tommy attempted to get through to his brother and help him get past his recent troubles. He shared a glimpse into their childhood and why he feels his brother has struggled with mental health problems.

Tommy feels Arthur’s troubles date back to a fight between the two – as children – over cigarettes. Tommy feels he won (Arthur believes it was a draw). Tommy goes on to explain how he gave Arthur one too many to the head. The scene is a fascinating watch and proves to be a touching moment between the two brothers at their lowest ebb. Following more reminiscing between the two, Tommy realizes his brother has always wanted him to win. 

The scene ends in true Peaky Blinders style when Tommy compares the brother’s journey to the tunnels they dug in France behind enemy lines. He explains their current path is dark and full of dangers but that there are only a few more yards to the shaft of light. He reassures his brother that he has faith that he will get past his current issues – and the Peaky Blinders will change the world!

Will this talk between the brothers be a turning point for Arthur?

The much-anticipated meeting at Tommy’s mansion with himself and the fascists makes for uncomfortable viewing. It’s a disturbing meeting where each actor shines and shows how deep-rooted fascism was (and still is) in society. Lady Diana Mitford steals the show with her “devil may care” attitude; she retells a story where the Jews were forced to eat grass to entertain the Nazi elite. The story is stomach-churning and one that will leave viewers hoping more than ever that Tommy can take down the fascists.

There have been mountains of speculation about how the remaining episodes of this final season will play out. Will Tommy succeed in taking down the evil Oswald Mosley and the rest of the fascists? Will Michael succeed in his desire to kill Tommy? Will we see Alfie Solomans in the last two episodes? 

There are so many possibilities for the remaining episodes but one thing is certain: we are in for plenty of twists and turns.

The end of this episode provides viewers with arguably the most shocking moment in the show’s history. Tommy is dealt some devastating news towards the end of episode 4. How will this impact his plans for the future? How will the Shelby family survive this latest dagger?

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