TWICE's Nayeon attends photocall for Cedric Charlier.

TWICE’s NAYEON Solo Debut “POP!” (Review)

When the news broke that TWICE’s “unnie” Im Nayeon was going to have her solo debut on June 24, 2022, ONCEs and the K-pop industry were ecstatic. Nayeon is the first member of TWICE to go solo. As the teasers started coming out, everyone was getting more and more excited about the solo debut.

Samples of songs like the lead single “POP!” and B-sides like “Love Countdown” got everyone even more hyped for the already much-anticipated solo outing. While everyone reviewed the debut once it hit the airwaves, we wanted to do it justice and carefully listen to the album.

And, we have got to say that it’s more than worth the listen. We knew it was going to be good. However, it still didn’t fail to bring the surprise factor. Here’s our review of the lead single Pop!, as well as a few insights on other tracks on the solo album. Without further ado, let’s get into it.


The lead single POP! is a song perfect for Nayeon’s vocal prowess. The track showcases Nayeon’s strength as a vocalist while providing something new by blending a few hip-hop elements. However, the main event for all fans is the high notes that TWICE’s Nayeon hits in the song’s chorus. Once the climax of the tracks rolls around, Nayeon’s vocal range takes the song to a whole new level.

It’s a song that never gets boring from start to finish. POP! provides enough firepower to get your attention initially, then hold onto it until the last second. JYPE really knew what they were doing with this solo. They seamlessly played to the strengths of the TWICE main vocalist, and the result is a debut single that has more than enough variety to keep listeners tuning in.

Special Mentions:

LOVE COUNTDOWN” – When this song’s snippets were released, we were truly in love with it and couldn’t wait for it to be fully released. It’s so full of heart and emotion, that you just can’t help but keep hitting the replay button. Aside from the lead single POP!, this was the song we were most looking forward to.

And, honestly, it did not disappoint one bit. The acoustic intro is a nice touch, and the transition to the bass-heavy melancholic chorus is just astounding. Wonstein made for the perfect partner, and complimented Nayeon’s voice so well. Wonstein’s part certainly gave this song more of a conversational feel, adding another layer of depth.

We would be remiss not to mention that Nayeon busted out a few rap lines here, and they’re a joy to hear. It seems like Nayeon, Momo, and ChaeyoungHello” sub-unit were hinting towards this solo after all.


Featuring Stray Kids’ FelixNO PROBLEM is another sleeper hit that will get your juices flowing. Nayeon’s amazing honey-sweet vocals are on full display again, as the bass-driven tracks conjure up thoughts of late nights and endless drives. That’s just our take on it, but you have got to admit this is the perfect driving song.

Felix, much like Wonstein, is such a good addition to the song. His rap lines are a highlight in a song chock full of it.


9.0/10. We’re giving it a nine out of ten because if this is the benchmark for succeeding TWICE solo outings, it’ll be tough to beat. TWICE’s Nayeon absolutely went all out for her solo debut, with an album filled with great songs that provide more than enough variety. We cannot wait for the official start of promotions, and the stages that go along with it!