Video Games That Would Make Amazing Films

Video Games That Would Make Amazing Films

When it comes to adaptations, people debate whether the book or the film was better. Usually, the people who have read the book write the film off as being incomplete, a shell of the real thing. On the other hand, people who have never read the book often think the film is just fine.

Video Games That Would Make Amazing Films


The same holds true for video games. Recently, media companies have released several films adapted from video games and received mixed reviews. Like avid readers, gamers have specific visions tied to their experiences of the story. If a film doesn’t measure up to their expectations, it’s difficult for them to appreciate it.

That has been the case with Netflix’s Resident Evil series, which was released on July 14th this year. Since video games aren’t as linear as films, producers struggle to fit these expansive storylines into a couple of hours.  As we ask ourselves whether video games should be adapted, we must consider how far they have come in the last fifty years.

Humble Beginnings

When MIT scientists invented the first computer-based game, Spacewar!, they weren’t thinking about an engaging narrative. This game was about demonstrating the power of the computer they had built.

While Spacewar! was a modern miracle at the time, it was just the bare-bones of gaming. It had simple graphics, no sound and no plot. With time, developers learned that sound was crucial for creating engaging titles and started adding sound effects and, later, full-blown soundtracks.

As technology has advanced, developers have had the opportunity to make more elaborate video games. With consoles able to offer better graphics and memory, many video games have taken on a cinematic element.

Since video games today are more engaging than ever, they could be easier to adapt for TV or film than before. Below is a list of video games we think would make ground-breaking films.

Metal Gear Solid

Since the late 80s, the Metal Gear franchise has been a pioneer in its field. In particular, Metal Gear Solid was one of the first games to showcase adaptive music. In stealth games, where players stalk around an environment, adaptive music helps build suspense. The music plays in loops of low-energy sound and spikes when players cross a specific checkpoint. It was certainly an ambitious game for its time and has held up since then.

Metal Gear has also been lauded for its remarkable story-telling. Film producers are still figuring out how to convey the game’s complexity. With shapeshifting protagonists, complex bosses and overall stunning performances, there is a lot of responsibility to make sure they do the original justice.

Since 2006, there have been rumours about a Metal Gear Solid film. Producers went back and forth on how to execute it but never made any decisions. By 2020, Oscar Isaac claimed that he would play the role of Solid Snake. Although the production seems to be back on track now, they are taking their time finding the remainder of the cast.

Video Games That Would Make Amazing Films



Like Metal Gear Solid, Bioshock boldly pushed its genre to new limits. Set in an abandoned underwater city, this dystopian title champions world-building. The game uses nostalgic 50s and 60s music with impressive acoustics. The soundtrack, echoing as if it were being played from another room, accompanies players as they wander around the creepy city of Rapture. Filled to the brim with ominous characters and compelling visuals, Bioshock successfully immerses gamers in its world.

Among the Bioshock trilogy, gamers agree that the first has the most intriguing plot. Introducing players to the world of body augmentations, combat weapons and out-of-this-world bosses, Bioshock has all the components of a fantastic sci-fi film.

Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar Games is known for its daring narratives, such as in L.A. Noire and Grand Theft Auto. Gamers have praised the developer for its unique stories and character-driven gameplay. Among Rockstar’s assortment of games, the Red Dead Redemption franchise has received the most recognition for its beautiful and fulfilling story arch.

In the lawless Wild West, John Marston works as a hitman for the US government. The game functions a lot like Grand Theft Auto in that players pick up side missions and learn about the main story arc that way. Through its expansive open world setting, profound character development and compelling cut scenes, Red Dead Redemption would make an excellent modern Western.