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Mental Block: 4 Ways to Beat It

A mental block is something most have experienced at least once in their lifetime. Whether you’re a creative or someone who works in a field where idea generation is crucial, we’ve all hit a certain mental wall at some point. Fortunately, there are measures you can take to get out of your proverbial “funk” and break down the walls that prevent you from getting things done.

If you’re looking for ways to break your mental block streak, we got you covered. We will discuss some actionable ways you can consider when experiencing the phenomenon.

4 Ways to Beat Mental Block


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If you haven’t tried meditation as a way to overcome your mental block you might want to consider it. According to a study, meditation helps you reach a deep state of relaxation, helping you eliminate the unnecessary parts of your thought process and allowing you to refocus.

The world can be a stressful place, and getting yourself centered can go a long way in beating mental block episodes.

Take Regular Breaks

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While this may be an obvious one, some still tend to overexert themselves to exhaustion. This way of working can eventually lead not only to physical deterioration but also mental. Spreading yourself too thin will not benefit you in any way shape or form, especially when you’re facing a mental block.

It’s essential that you take breaks in between long stretches of work. Even if it’s just walking around the house or making yourself a snack, stepping away from your workstation can help a lot. If you want an effective way to take breaks, we recommend “The Pomodoro Technique.”

It is a time management method that re-trains your brain to focus and helps you resist the urge to interrupt yourself during working hours.

Change Your Process

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Mental blocks can sometimes manifest due to the monotony of a routine. If you’re stuck in a rut, consider changing some aspects of your daily schedule. The change in your process can be as small as eating something new for breakfast or adjusting the time you wake up. Or you can even do something significant such as adopting a completely new strategy in how you tackle work.

Whatever you choose to do, ensure that it’s something that excites you and helps you be a more effective worker. Changing it up may also help you beat the debilitating effects of mental block.

Listen to Music

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If you’re thinking, “music will only distract me, why should I listen to it while I think or work?” Well, studies show that music can drastically alter the way people think, feel and act. While we say music can help, the tunes you enjoy may cause more distractions.

So, we recommend listening instead to white, pink, or brown noise to stimulate your mind into a sense of productive focus. You can also listen to elevator music to center yourself when you’re in a mental block bind.

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