Man Eats: Top 8 Healthiest Foods for Males

Health science is constantly updating and changing, however one thing that never changes is that you must eat well to feel well. The following foods are particularly healthy for men, these are the healthiest foods for males. These nutritional foods will help men with blood pressure, muscle mass, testosterone, and more.

Load your diet with these nutrient foods and see the results. These foods aren’t new-age supplements or anything experimental. Instead, these foods are proven to enhance male performance in all areas of life and improve health.

Top 8 Healthiest Foods for Males

8. Lean Red Meat

Most men get hesitant when we discuss healthy foods because they picture greens that are not tasty. Instead, males tend to want meat and potatoes. Well, luckily, lean red meat makes the cut for healthiest foods for males.

A cut of red meat with low fat will be packed with healthy proteins. Also, lean red meat has the amino acid leucine. This specific amino helps build and maintain muscle mass.

7. Salmon

Most men in their life will suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED). It’s a fact. One way to help avoid ED is to pack one’s diet with Vitamin D. Lack of Vitamin D in a man’s diet can lead to cardiovascular issues. This can be very simply avoided and naturally by eating salmon.

Salmon is rich in Vitamin D. Serve in any manner you would like but keep the recipe simple. Garlic and lemon, grilled with some olive oil; this dish will stay light and healthy.

6. Ginger

Ginger can be a great addition to cooking in many dishes. It has a strong flavor and when it’s cooked correctly it is delicious. And, in great news, it’s among the healthiest foods for males!

Ginger is anti-inflammatory which will help you recover from workouts faster and reduce muscle soreness. It also has mild effects as a natural pain killer which will help accelerate recovery.

5. Bananas

There are so many benefits to eating bananas that they should be a daily staple to one’s diet. Bananas are definitely a superfood. They are loaded with potassium which will help with preventing muscle contractions and will increase bone health, also they help with blood pressure.

Potassium is critical to one’s diet. And bananas are a simple and easy way to get a lot.

4. Oats

Boring and tasteless oats, they’re not anyone’s favorite, but they should be. Oats contain L-arginine. This amino acid is often found in over-the-counter men’s vitamins due to its properties that help with blood flow and boost testosterone.

A bowl of oatmeal will help with erectile dysfunction. To help with the flavor one can add a spoonful of honey and nuts.

3. Nuts

Pistachios, Walnut, and Brazil nuts, these foods are packed with flavor, proteins, and nutrients. They’re easy to mix into one’s diet as an addition to a meal or snack. Nuts are one of the healthiest foods for males.

These nuts have Selenium which helps with male fertility. Also, arginine, which will help with blood flow and erections. These nuts also have antioxidants which hugely helps with brain health.

2. Coffee

Coffee is delicious and one cup should be a beneficial staple in your diet. Through a self-reported study men who drank coffee reported fewer erectile issues.

This study states: “Caffeine intake reduced the odds of prevalent ED, especially an intake equivalent to approximately 2-3 daily cups of coffee”

1. Spinach

The healthiest food of them all is spinach. This leafy green is full of nutrients and vitamins. But most importantly spinach is high in folate. Folate will help boost one’s blood flow, it is critical in male sexual health. A 2016 study stated that men’s low folate is likely linked to erectile issues. 

Spinach likely isn’t anyone’s favorite food but it is easy to add to one’s diet. It can be chopped up and added to other dishes such as stews, curry, or stir fry. A quick and healthy snack is some spinach with balsamic and olive oil.

Honorable Mentions

The above foods are absolutely the healthiest foods for males but additionally, men should eat a healthy mix of fruits and vegetables, berries in particular. Also; oysters, brown rice, eggs, carrots, tomato sauce, yogurt, avocado, dark chocolate, broccoli, apples, and tomatoes. All these healthy foods can help with men’s health.

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