LE SSERAFIM in Seoul, SK for promotions ahead of the release of "Unforgiven."

LE SSERAFIM “Unforgiven” (LIFE K-Pop Review)

LE SSERAFIM kicks off the month of May spectacularly with their first-ever full Korean album titled “Unforgiven.” To say that the HYBE and Source Music monster girl group made waves in their rookie year is an understatement.

The girl group is still riding high from their sophomore outing “ANTIFRAGILE” winning countless music show awards, and it seems like this new album will take them to even greater heights as musicians. With all that said, Unforgiven just dropped and we would like to offer you our insight into this new and exciting album from LE SSERAFIM.

Here is what we thought of the album namesake and carrier single Unforgiven, its music video, and other good things that made this album special. Without further ado, here’s a review of LE SSERAFIM’s Unforgiven. Let’s get right into it.


Unforgiven is another worthy addition to the power anthems that FEARNOTs have come to know and love from LE SSERAFIM. The whole song oozes confidence and charisma, and it continues the trend of LE SSERAFIM spreading the good message of embracing your individuality despite what anyone thinks.

The song talks about overcoming powerlessness, carving out your niche, and doing things your way. Unforgiven holds such a powerful meaning, and with its unrelenting pace, most K-Pop fans will be quick on the draw to replay the track again and again after it ends.

On top of that, this album features one of the music industry’s most iconic figures in the form of Nile Rodgers, which is another notch on the girl group’s belt as they collaborate with one of the best producers music has to offer. The GRAMMY award-winning artist laid down a slew of guitar rifts that gave the track more edge.

That said, LE SSERAFIM did not compromise their identity and still incorporated their brand of style and talent which made them one of the top and most beloved groups in all of K-Pop.

Music Video

As for the music video, much like ANTIFRAGILEUnforgiven is a collection of iconography that paints every member in a different light. It puts them in dark, colorful, and light outfits that are in line with the song’s message of being whoever you want to be no matter how you want to showcase it.

The set pieces are also amazing, most can tell that there were plenty of resources and effort invested in making this music video special. LE SSERAFIM has yet to disappoint fans when it comes to their music videos, and Unforgiven is no different, providing dark and gritty scenes that will be ingrained in the minds of its viewers.

Unapologetically Unforgiven

LE SSERAFIM further solidifies their place as flag-bearers of the next generation of K-Pop girl groups. Unforgiven, as well as the rest of the album, is an amazing outing that will undoubtedly rack up accolades through its promotional run and potentially during the year-end ceremonies.

What did you think of LE SSERAFIM’s first full Korean studio album “Unforgiven?”

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