5 of the Best Gap Year Destinations

5 of the Best Gap Year Destinations 2024

Many people reach a crossroads in their lives. At this point, they are faced with long-term life-changing choices, whether they go to University, take that new job, or go on that much-planned bucket list trip. LWOS Life has you covered in this article – and brings you 5 of the best gap year destinations.

5 Top Gap Year Destinations

Gap Year Destinations: Thailand

Thailand is a haven for many people chasing the perfect balance of partying and tranquillity. Located in Southeast Asia, it is popular with many backpackers due to the budget prices throughout the different islands. Whether time off work or creating everlasting memories before going to University – Thailand has something for you.

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Bangkok, Krabi, Phi Phi Islands and Phuket are just some islands where you will experience breathtaking sceneries and a vibrant party scene with fellow travelers. These islands will allow you to lounge in the sun or visit the stunning temples while eating your way – through the local delicacies. If you’re looking to work while in Thailand, TEFL offers a range of courses to prepare you for a teaching job. Away from the party scene and vast tourist crowds, many crave peace, and if this is you – look no further than Koh Jum, a small island near Krabi, offering the serenity that many crave on their travels. 


Whether you’re traveling to different places or looking to work throughout your gap year, Canada is a great option. If you want to indulge in artsy cities, TorontoMontreal, and Vancouver are viable options. The Rocky Mountains are one of the most stunning sites in the world, with Banff, Lake Louise, and Jasper becoming more popular in recent years, with the stunning scenery and plethora of activities making the mountains a must-visit for many travelers.

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There are opportunities for work, including working in the big cities or in mountain resorts. Whether you decide to work or travel around, then Canada is a stunning country but not budget-friendly. It will definitely be an expensive gap year, but with the job opportunities and stunning scenery, it’s one that is worth the money.


India is a haven for food and culture enthusiasts – with historical sites aplenty, India is a must-visit for many travelers. It’s the most populated country in the world, with a low cost of living, a vast transportation network and a fast-growing tech industry – making it a great gap year destination.

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A food tour of Mumbai and visiting the Taj Mahal are just two must-visits for any traveler to-do list. Rajasthan is a striking state in northern India, where you can indulge in the fascinating culture while experiencing the delicious local food. Helping in a hostel or teaching English are two of the most popular jobs for travelers during a gap year. It’s also a great country to travel around and work remotely from.


Australia continues to be a great option for backpackers, especially those from the United Kingdom, due to the working holiday visa for people under 30 – which allows you to work for one year down under. To check your eligibility for this visa, visit the Australian government website.

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People who want to work while traveling down under can work as a fruit picker on a rural farm, work nearer the beach, or in a city bar. Australia attracts a variety of people to work from different backgrounds, making it an amazing place to make new friends, which will only enhance your gap year experience.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is becoming more popular when people are looking at gap year destinations. It possesses an exotic ecosystem – with rare wildlife. The country is bursting with stunning scenery and breathtaking beaches, with a side of adventure thrills.

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There are not many places you can zip-line through a cloud forest and end the day by swimming under picturesque waterfalls. The beaches are breathtaking, making them a popular destination for travelers on their gap year. You can volunteer on a conservation or help on a community project. It’s also a great option for freelance creatives who want to enjoy the serenity present in this beautiful country, while working on a new project. Whether looking for lazy days on a white sandy beach or an adrenaline-filled adventure gap year, Costa Rica will not let you down.

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