TikTok Breakthrough Creators

10 Breakthrough Content Creators on TikTok in 2023 – USA Edition

As we stand on the verge of going into 2024, it’s vital we look back and celebrate personal success stories involving ourselves and others. As we reminisce on the past year, LWOS Life has decided to bring you ten breakthrough content creators on TikTok in 2023.

10 Breakthrough Content Creators on TikTok

Breakthrough Content Creators

Keith Lee is a content creator based in Las Vegas, who uses his platform to highlight smaller restaurants with amazing food and customer service, but for various reasons are struggling. He conducts a food review and shares it honestly with his followers.

Young Miko is a Puerto Rican rapper who has taken TikTok by storm. She is original, and this shines through in her music and videos. Her trending songs include Wiggy, CLASSY 101 with Fied, and FINA with Bad Bunny.

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Sofia Richie Grainge first gave a glimpse into her life with a behind-the-scenes look at her wedding. Since then, her popularity has exploded – becoming a permanent fixture on many TikTok accounts. Sofia concentrates on aesthetic tutorials such as hair and makeup.

Ricardo Mendoza, AKA “El Ricardin,” provides wholesome daily content – sharing enjoyable moments from his life. His content ranges from cooking videos to showing his bright yellow truck. He’s a perfect example of how being yourself is always the best option.

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Angel Reese led LSU to their first national championship in 2023. Through her social media – you can see clips of her ability on the court, where she showcases her raw talent and endless swagger. Away from the court, you can see the swagger remains, and it is clear why Reese is a great role model for young black female athletes.

Rest of the Chosen 10

Comedian and content creator Jake Shane uses his platform to look at significant historical events through a light-hearted lens in addition to honest conversations around mental health.

Alix Earle has enjoyed a truly memorable 2023, with her following exceeding 6 million and her recent graduation from the University of Miami Herbert Business School being her two memorable moments. She is a makeup and fashion creator who looks set to grow her following even more in 2024.

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Kelon Campbell has created his own universe, aka “Terriverse.” Campbell is extremely creative and likable, as shown by his characters Terri Joe, Jeorgia Peach, and Amethyst Jade. It is challenging not to smile and marvel at what a brilliant character he is. It is Kelon Campbell’s chaotic world – and we are all just living it.

Monet McMichael has taken BeautyTok by storm and is getting close to 4 million followers. Her makeup tutorials and POVs are hugely popular, with her perfectly placed makeup and aesthetically pleasing house making her a great account to follow.

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SpectreX Gaming has enjoyed a meteoric rise during 2023, with over 1 million followers on TikTok alone. His passion and love for gaming shine through, as does his expertise. You will feel entertained and more knowledgeable when watching his videos.

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