LWOS Life Recommendation: 3 Clothing Brands to Look for in 2024

LWOS Life Recommendation: 3 Clothing Brands to Look for in 2024

Anything we bring you, we aim to inform, whether it’s what to watch or what to listen to. Now, we are moving into the fashion world and bringing you three clothing brands to look out for in 2024.

3 Clothing Brands to Look for in 2024

Three Clothing Brands: Animalique

Animalique are new to the fashion world in 2024, but their designs are creatively distinctive. They have taken three iconic, world-renowned paintings: Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, and Scream. These well-known paintings have been transformed into stylish hoodies and sleek t-shirts suitable for everyone. The newly launched kids’ collections, including Pompunzel and Tinker Lion, are a must-have for any child in your life.

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The designs are original, and most importantly, the quality is comforting and durable for any of their products. Their best seller is Mona Gisa, and we love our Mona Gisa hoodies at LWOS Life. Be sure to check out their website – you won’t be disappointed.

Nude Project

Nude Project is a ready-to-wear fashion label founded in 2018 by two students in their university dorm. They were eager to create something different that stood out from the crowd, and they have done that with Nude Project. They want to inspire everyone to pursue their passion and show what can happen if you do.

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Inspired by Hip Hop and skateboarding, it comes across in their unique designs, with lifestyle collections such as Playboy X and Timeless Pieces. They have a handful of shops in Spain and single shops in Milan and Lisbon. This feels like just the beginning for this elegant, stylish brand.

Not Boring

Not Boring is a Saudi Streetwear brand founded in 2017, going from strength to strength. They are about elegance, and all their pieces scream style and uniqueness through their commitment to create with local and international artists, with the inspiration being local art.

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Not Boring started when Saudi Arabia began to evolve, and they have reaped the rewards, appearing in Riyadh Fashion Week. The label’s founder, Yazeed Abahussein – spoke about their growth in a recent interview with Scene Now: “Not Boring got really lucky, we started our business at a time when the country is changing and supporting our business. So much is happening in the fashion industry. I mean, look at Riyadh Fashion Week. I’m honored to be a part of it.” 

These three companies we picked are at different stages in their journey, but they all look set to have a memorable 2024.

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