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Trailer Breakdown of AVENGERS: ENDGAME

A breakdown of the trailer for the much-anticipated Avengers: End Game, the next Avengers movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

CAPTAIN MARVEL Trailer 2: Marvel Travels Back in Time

Last night, the second trailer for Captain Marvel dropped. You know what that means: it's time for rampant speculation! Let's dive in, shall we? Captain...

Dark Phoenix: First Impressions on the First Trailer

With the release of the first trailer for X-Men: Dark Phoenix, the first impressions can give clues to the success of the movie.

The Subjectivity of Horror, Part Four – The Death of Psychological...

In part three, we analyzed three recent psychological horror films, all released by A24, that have divided critics and audiences and compared the critical reception of each film with what audiences thought of it. Now it’s time to dig in and figure out what it all means. Could it simply be chalked up misleading trailers or could the real answer be something much more troubling?