PRODUCE 48 Episode 7: Finale Of Position Evalution

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Continuing where we left off last week on Produce 48, we wrapped up the position evaluations. As a refresher, these evaluations are specifically dance or vocals only, with 5 tracks being performed last week. The recurring story that was told over the course of these two episodes was the struggle leading up to the performance, but a nearly flawless performance. This happened for basically everybody. At the end of this episode, there was an unveiling of the #1 vocal and dance performer who received 100,000 extra votes for the next round. The next round of eliminations is supposed to take place on the next episode, with the field being cut down to 30.

Produce 48 Contestants Put A Wrap On Their Position Evaluation

Girls’ Generation – Into The New World

The first performance of this episode was a group of five trainees performing Girls Generation “Into The New World.” Compared to most songs, this one was known by the Japanese trainees because there was a Japanese version of the song put out at one point. The group seemed very supportive of each other. It was noted by members backstage that the high note that Chae Won hit was on par with what the song calls for. Kim Chae Won also landed first place in her team ranking.

Performer Role Ranking
Kim Chae-won Leader 1
Huh Yun-jin Center 2
Nako Yabuki 3
Moe Goto 4
Erii Chiba 5


Fitz and the Tantrums – HandClap

Switching to a dance performance, the song “HandClap” by Fitz and the Tantrums was performed by a group of 6. Just like many of the dance routines selected for this, the song was somewhat popular in North America. Kim Cho Yeon who was the leader of this group felt that she let them down during training. What do you know, just like every other group they ended up doing well anyways. When the ranking came, last place Motomura Aoi felt defeated, since her chance of making it to the next rounds seemed small. There was a lot of crying in the post-grade-reveal room.

Performer Role Ranking
Sae Murase 1
Kim Cho-yeon Leader 2
Mako Kojima 3
Kim Min-Seo 4
Tomu Muto 5
Aoi Motomura Center 6


BTS – The Truth Untold

The best storytelling in this episode was showing Jang Gyu Ri’s struggles after being given group leader. She was given the high notes for the cover of “Peek-A-Boo” weeks ago and messed it up. Gyu Ri had worried about her singing in this performance because of what happened before. During vocal training, she completely broke into tears after struggling. The trainers told her that they are there to help her and that she shouldn’t dwell on her issues and instead fix them. When it came time for performance, she was able to hit all of her notes flawlessly. This was a great turnaround from her horrid performance last time around. If she was a mid-rank performer instead of a 10-20 range ranked performer when performing “Peek-A-Boo,” that could have easily taken her off the show. Luckily she was given a shot at redemption and succeeded with it this time around. She ranked second, with Miho Miyazaki grabbing first.

Performer Role Ranking
Miho Miyazaki 1
Jang Gyu-ri Center 2
Saho Iwatate 3
Miyu Takeuchi Leader 4


Jax Jones – Instruction

Once again switching back to dance there was a performance of “Instruction” by Little Mix. This is the dancing group that is the most on the chopping block. All members in this group were moved into it after their first pick was taken from a higher ranked contestant. Unexpectedly, this group had one of the best performances in my book. The group was confident and positive while preparing. There was a big language barrier, but everyone was able to make up for it through emotion. The editing on the program showed that most dancing groups were scolded, while this group walked away unscathed by the judges. After watching other groups perform, some members were worried about how their dance routine would compare. However, after their TV performance, it was noted backstage that this group had what it took to be a group. One judge ran down a list of all of their names, saying that they all seem ready. Son Eun-chae, who was Lead and Center got first place. It was a best case scenario for this group.

Performer Role Ranking
Son Eun-chae Lead, Center 1
Kim Hyun-ah 2
Chiyori Nakanishi 3
Kim Su-yun 4
Wang Ke 5
Lee Ha-eun 6


Little Mix – Touch

The group that performed “Touch” by Little Mix maybe saw the most problems when practicing. All dance routines in this stage are made completely by the groups. When this group was asked who had a background in choreography, nobody raised their hand. The group was stopped mid-performance by the trainers because of how many issues they were running in to. Kim Min Ju got first place, while the leader and center both saw lower rankings.

Performer Role Ranking
Kim Min-ju 1
Hitomi Honda 2
Miu Shitao Leader 3
Bae Eun-young Center 4
Lee Yu-jeong 5



The final performance was a cover of the very recent hit “DDU-DU DDU-DU” by BLACKPINK. Although the performance was vocal only, the popularity of the song is as much as the vocals as it is the dance. The group ran into preparation troubles because of this, putting tons of focus on the dance routine which was never asked for. This hindered their vocal practice. All of the judges seemed angry that they put so much time into the dance routine. They were able to clean up their act by performance time, with the remains of the dance staying in the song. First place in the 6 trainee group went to Kim Do Ah, who played the Center role.

Performer Role Ranking
Kim Do-ah Center 1
Juri Takahashi 2
Sakura Miyawaki 3
Park Seo-young Leader 4
Bibian Murakawa 5
Cho Ka-hyeon 6


Looking Ahead To Next Week

With minutes left in the episode, the overall #1 rankings for this evaluation were revealed. Han Cho Won got first place in vocals, with Murase Sae winning the dance counterpart. Both trainees got 100,000 extra votes heading into the next ranking. Next week there will be another evaluation of the 58 performers, but how/if that plays into the rankings is yet to be seen. The votes from online, mixed with the votes online will determine the fate of all 58 trainees on the next episode, with a strict cut-off line being at 30.

Full Ranking From Position Evaluation

Trainee Song Votes Bonus Rank
Han Cho-won Heize – Don’t Know You 585 105,000 1
Miho Miyazaki BTS – The Truth Untold 559 5,000 2
Kim Chae-won Girls’ Generation – Into The New World 550 5,000 3
Park Hae-yoon BoA – Merry Chri 543 5,000 4
Huh Yun-jin Girls’ Generation – Into The New World 537 5
Jo Yu-ri Wanna One – Energetic 511 5,000 6
Nako Yabuki Girls’ Generation – Into The New World 511 7
Yu Min-young Heize – Don’t Know You 499 8
Kim Do-ah BLACKPINK – DDU-DU DDU-Du 488 5,000 9
Sae Murase Fitz and the Tantrums – Handclap 477 105,000 10
Miru Shiroma Ariana Grande – Side To Side 469 5,000 11
Kwon Eun-bi Demi Lovato – Sorry Not Sorry 450 5,000 12
Jang Won-young Ariana Grande – Side To Side 446 13
Kim Cho-yeon Fitz and the Tantrums – Handclap 446 14
Mako Kojima Fitz and the Tantrums – Handclap 442 15
Son Eun-chae Jax Jones – Instruction 438 5,000 16
Juri Takahashi BLACKPINK – DDU-DU DDU-DU 432 17
Kim Min-ju Little Mix – Touch 423 5,000 18
Lee Ga-eun Ariana Grande – Side To Side 411 19
Ahn Yu-jin Demi Lovato – Sorry Not Sorry 403 20
Kang Hye-won Heize – Don’t Know You 400 21
Lee Chae-yeon Demi Lovato – Sorry Not Sorry 397 22
Hitomi Honda Little Mix – Touch 395 23
Wang Yi-ren Ariana Grande – Side To Side 391 24
Kim Min-seo Fitz and the Tantrums – Handclap 387 25
Sakura Miyawaki BLACKPINK – DDU-DU DDU-DU 384 26
Na Go-eun Wanna One – Energetic 382 27
Kim Hyun-ah Jax Jones – Instruction 382 28
Kim Si-hyeon Wanna One – Energetic 376 29
Miu Shitao Little Mix – Touch 369 30
Choi Ye-na Demi Lovato – Sorry Not Sorry 364 31
Park Min-ji Heize – Don’t Know You 360 32
Chiyori Nakanishi Jax Jones – Instruction 358 33
Lee Si-an Ariana Grande – Side To Side 358 34
Noe Yamada Wanna One – Energetic 356 35
Park Seo-young BLACKPINK – DDU-DU DDU-DU 352 36
Ko Yu-jin Demi Lovato – Sorry Not Sorry 337 37
Kim Su-yun Jax Jones – Instruction 335 38
Bae Eun-young Little Mix – Touch 329 39
Tomu Muto Fitz and the Tantrums – Handclap 313 40
Wang Ke Jax Jones – Instruction 313 41
Aoi Motomura Fitz and the Tantrums – Handclap 312 42
Bibian Murakawa BLACKPINK – DDU-DU DDU-DU 311 43
Lee Yu-jeong Little Mix – Touch 304 44
Jang Gyu-ri BTS – The Truth Untold 298 45
Saho Iwatate BTS – The Truth Untold 294 46
Moe Goto Girls’ Generation – Into The New World 293 47
Miyu Takeuchi BTS – The Truth Untold 289 48
Erii Chiba Girls’ Generation – Into The New World 287 49
Lee Ha-eun Jax Jones – Instruction 287 50
Nanami Asai Wanna One – Energetic 273 51
Cho Ka-young BLACKPINK – DDU-DU DDU-DU 176 52

Votes that weren’t shown on broadcast

Trainee Song Rank
Yoon Hae-sol BoA – Merry Chri 2
Kim Na-young BoA – Merry Chri 3
Misaki Aramaki BoA – Merry Chri 4
Minami Sato BoA – Merry Chri 5
Kim So-hee BoA – Merry Chri 6


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