The Definitive Gamer’s Workout Guide

Fall is in swing. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are on the rise, and Halloween is right around the corner. Fall usually marks the end of the competitive season of most mainstream video games. And certainly, one of the last things that’s on your mind is exercise. And while you might start the grind of ranked play of your favorite game again, there’s another thing you can start in the meantime.

Three Words: At. Home. Workout.

PRESS START: The Gamer’s Workout

Yes, you are used to your Doritos and Baja Blast diet whilst you slay enemies as Genji in Overwatch, working out doesn’t seem far-fetched. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to achieve maximum “swoleness,” but you’ll eventually see results with enough dedication and patience.

These tips are designed to eliminate wasted time in between games and something to cool off from being tilted. In addition to easy exercises, better lifestyle habits will offer insight on how you play games.

Not to mention that these exercises will work out perfectly in between break times, loading screens, ranked queues, etc.

At-Home Exercises:


Plank exercises are generally intense and difficult. But, with enough time and commitment, you’ll achieve the back muscles of an ox. Not to mention, you’ll have a toned core that will look amazing. Basically, you assume the push-up position but hold that position for anywhere for a minute to two minutes. In addition to a stronger core, plank exercises will help with posture and back problems. Gamers should always have a great sitting posture when destroying their enemies.

Push Ups

A staple in exercises at gyms and training camps alike, this is an exercise that everyone knows how to do. However, execution of the exercise is what matters. Keeping your back straight and lowering yourself all the way down do matter in the long run.


If you want thighs and buttocks of a golden god, then this exercise will be your best friend. Squats are generally done to improve leg muscles and can tone butt muscles. These can be done with bench press, dumbells, against the wall, you name it! It’s a very versatile exercise that can produce great results. Easy and enjoyable, squats can help since most gamers will most likely be sitting all day.

Ab Crunches

Easily a fun and enjoyable exercise, ab crunches can lead your body to many avenues. A banging body, a rock-solid body, shaving off those love handles, the list goes on and on. Ab crunches can be done in a plethora of ways.

On a mat is generally one of the most favorable, in order to avoid sitting on a rock hard floor. The floor is an option, or even on a small bench. There are also many variations to this exercise. Side, twist, reverse, so many options are available.

Daily Walk

If your salt level is on par with the Pacific Ocean, then a break is in order. Hang up the controller, or put your PC on sleep mode. Sometimes, being in a rut or enough bad games can break the hardiest of gaming warriors.

A simple 20-minute walk in the local neighborhood can do some good. Not only are you getting in some decent exercise, but it can allow some time to think and detox from the salt-infused games that you encounter. Railed by a Doomfist main? Take a walk. Losing to Druid or Shaman in Hearthstone? Take a walk. Lost due to feeding in League of Legends? Take a walk. Simple, and easy as 1, 2, 3.

Workout With Your Teammates:

Playing solo can be fun. But playing in a group with friends is 10 times as fun. Whether you win or lose, it’s all in good fun. The same application can be used when you work with friends! Whether you give each other crap or push everyone to succeed in their own right, the comradery is enjoyable both in exercising and gaming. The atmosphere and feeling it creates is amazing. Everyone will push each other to their limits, guaranteed.

Snacks Galore:

But of course, what is an all day of gaming without intense snacking? Ideally, you want amazing food. Pizza, cookies, Gatorade, ice cream, chips, etc. However, there is such a thing as smart snacking. Junk food is ok in small portions, and once in a while. But not all the time. Fruits, nuts, crackers and water are healthy and tasty choices. Exercise is only half the battle when getting in shape. And get creative! Apple slices with peanut butter, veggie platter, mixed nut bowl, all are awesome choices.

Just remember, treat your body with care like you do with video games. Dedication, hard work and perseverance are essential to both areas. But above all, make it fun and a daily routine.

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